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Do you want to let your employees participate in app development, want a comprehensive test of your website or need a whole platform to perform your internal testing? Testbirds Exclusives offers you that and much more to ensure the optimization of your software!

Testbirds Exclusives: Customized services based on your testing requirements

We aspire to develop innovative solutions and technologies for our clients that are able to take the quality of software to the next level. We continuously work on improving and expanding our service portfolio to uphold our reputation as pioneers and innovators in the software testing industry. When a client comes to us with a problem, we guarantee to find or create the best possible solution. Over the past couple of years, this has led to the evolution of a broad range of crowd and cloud based services that are exclusively offered at Testbirds.

From Training to End-to-End Testing

Whether you need support training your employees, are looking to comprehensively test complex applications and products within the Internet of things or want to distribute your beta apps to your clients, our team of experts are readily available to help you accomplish all your goals. In addition, our platform offers a suitable technological solution that is flexible and efficient. Learn more about Testbirds Exclusives and the various possibilities these services can offer you below.

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