Regression Testing

Further development to already functioning software can have a negative impact on other parts of the system. The repetition of test cases is an essential step to ensure that modification has not caused any new errors. Therefore, manual or automated continuous testing is an absolute necessity.

The challenge: Fixing errors and their side effects

Testing, revealing errors, fixing them… and testing once again!

Maintenance and further development of software often leads to the formation of new errors. By continuously retesting test cases, new defects can be revealed and fixed, which in turn, will help enhance the quality of your applications. In regression testing, automation tools are often utilised for the sake of efficiency and thoroughness. In some cases though, manual testing is preferable, especially when considering the huge amount of effort required when creating test cases for automated testing. In a lot of companies, the resources and specific tools or frameworks are unavailable to simultaneously perform regression tests while minimising time of execution.

The solution: Test automation or manual testing with the crowd

With the help of our SaaS solution, TestChameleon™, regression testing can be automated and performed in a large variety of test environments. In this case, testing takes place on virtual machines that give you access to endless combinations of operating systems and browsers among all other kinds of software by using a web configurator. Are you looking for Windows XP with Internet Explorer and Java? That’s no problem for TestChameleon. For full support of test automation projects we offer APIs for Selenium, Appium and Sikuli test cases. TestChameleon can also be integrated into common CI tools like Jenkins. For the execution of manual regression tests or for the creation of test cases, our clients have impromptu access to our international crowd consisting of over 250,000 registered testers. Under real world conditions with a huge variety of devices and operating systems, our crowd conducts test and use cases in the form of exploratory or structured tests and repeat them after modifications in software take place. Depending on your requirements, this repetition can be performed by the same or an entirely new crowd of testers.

The Benefits of Regression Testing

  • Manual and automated regression testing
  • Individual and highly adaptable virtual test environments
  • Cloud based test automation tool
  • Endless combinations of operating systems, browsers and software for maximum test coverage
  • Over 250,000 crowdtesters who test under real world conditions
  • Test case creation by the crowd
  • Exploratory and structured testing

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

How it looks in practice

30 testers, 20 different device and operating system combinations and 30 test cases, these were the basics of a structured test that was requested by a large scale mail-order company. The test subject was an online shop with a responsive web design. In total our testers revealed 160 bugs, of which 18 were rated as critical, such as problems with the checkout process or issues with payment. Together with our experienced project manager, the client prioritised the ten most important test cases. After fixing the found bugs, the same 30 testers performed exactly those ten cases again. The procedure was repeated twice until there were no further critical bugs appearing.

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