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Regression Testing

Adding new features to your software can always have a negative impact or side effects on other parts of your application. That’s why regression tests and the continuous repetition of functional test cases is essential for every development team.



Manual and automated regression testing – powered by Device Cloud


Individual and highly adaptable virtual test environments


Cloud based continuous integration & automation with full access to Real & Virtual Devices


Test case creation and execution by our crowd – flexible, fast, in every iteration


Exploratory or structured regression & unit testing


Endless combinations of operating systems, browsers and software for maximum test coverage

Leverage regression testing to bring the quality of your applications to the next level!



The challenge: Fixing errors and their side effects

Continuous testing, revealing errors, fixing them… and testing once again! This is how to optimize your software development lifecycle.

Maintenance and further development of software often lead to new errors and side effects. By continuously retesting test cases, new defects can be revealed and fixed, which in turn, will help enhance the quality of your applications and your development speed. When performing regression testing, tools for test automation are often used for the sake of efficiency and thoroughness. In some cases though, manual testing is preferable, especially when considering the huge amount of effort required when creating test cases for automated testing. In a lot of companies, both resources and specific tools or CI & unit testing frameworks are unavailable to simultaneously perform regression tests while minimising the time of execution.

The Solution: Regression Testing – fully Automated in the Cloud or Manually with the Crowd

Fully automated Regression Testing in the cloud
With the help of our SaaS solution, Device Cloud, Regression Testing can be automated and performed in a large variety of test and production environments. In this case, testing can take place on virtual machines that give you access to endless combinations of operating systems and browsers. This can be combined with all other kinds of software by using our flexible web configurator. Are you looking for Windows XP with Internet Explorer and Java? That’s no problem for our Device Cloud. For full support of test automation projects, we offer APIs for frameworks like Selenium, Appium and Sikuli test cases. Device Cloud can also be integrated into your continuous deployment approach and supports all common CI tools like Jenkins, Bamboo or Team City.

Manual Regression Testing with our Crowd
Besides automation you can leverage the power of our crowd for the execution of manual regression tests. With ad-hoc access to the largest testing community of over 400,000 testers worldwide you can also use their skill set for the creation of test cases. Our crowd provides a huge amount of over 900,000 devices with a broad range of operating systems (OS) and versions. With their help you can perform exploratory or structured regression tests under real world conditions and repeat after each iteration or modifications in your software. Depending on your requirements, this repetition can be performed by the same or an entirely new crowd of testers.

What is Regression Testing?

Regression Testing is defined as software testing to confirm that a recently deployed program or change of the code base did not affect the functionality of already existing features.
Therefore already executed test cases are fully or partially executed and repeated after each iteration, sprint or deployment. Typically this type of functional testing – so-called Regression Tests – were executed in production to secure the stability of software applications. Especially to ensure that newly released features & updates did not produce negative side effects or compromise existing functionality.

Regression & Unit Testing in Agile Development Environments
Within agile environments like scrum this approach on quality assurance and functional testing also helps to ensure the stability of new builds – also known as Unit Testing. So units of code can be validated before go-live and don’t break the whole build when merged into larger trunks. That is why Regression Testing and Unit Testing are more or less a standard approach for securing software stability and development speed. You could also describe it as a version control system for your team members.

Continuous Delivery & Regression Tests
Continuous Integration (CI) is another very prominent software development approach – helping development teams to deliver higher quality software much faster. Regression Tests are normally automated with the help of CI servers like Jenkins, Bamboo or Team City. That’s why we offer full support of continuous integration within our cloud-based automation service: Device Cloud. Cause we want to deliver the best tools for your team members so they can focus more on the most essential parts: to deliver a best-in-class software.

How does Regression Testing look in Practice?

30 testers, 20 different device and operating system combinations and 30 test cases, these were the basics of a structured test that was requested by a large scale mail-order company. The test subject was an online shop with a responsive web design. In total our testers revealed 160 bugs, of which 18 were rated as critical, such as problems with the checkout process or issues with payment. Together with our experienced project manager, the client prioritised the ten most important test cases. After fixing the found bugs, the same 30 testers performed exactly those ten cases again. The procedure was repeated twice until there were no further critical bugs appearing.

Full flexibility for smaller teams and SMBs

Self Service

€ 880


(equals 40 BC*)

Number of testers: 10

Selection Tester: Client

Test Design: Client

Selection criteria testers: 14

Criteria available per test: 4

Test setup and tester management: Client

Test Evaluation and Analysis: Client

Access to Self Service Portal

Payment: Creditcard + Paypal

Invoicing: Standard

Premium service & support for Enterprise clients

Managed Service

€ 1760


(equals 80 BC*)

Number of testers: 10

Selection Tester: Testbirds

Test Design: Testbirds

Selection criteria testers: 65 / on demand

Criteria available per test: unlimited

Test setup and tester management: Testbirds

Test Evaluation and Analysis: Testbirds

Access to Self Service Portal

Full Premium Support (Telephone & Onsite)

Payment: Invoice

Invoicing: Customized to your needs

Dedicated Account & Customer Success Manager

Dedicated Senior QA/UX Consultant

Customized test results with bug reporting

*The basis of Testbirds’ pricing model is its own currency, BirdCoins, which form a flexible subscription model that allows for full QA and UX test coverage. Once purchased, you can invest in over 20 different crowdtesting solutions across a variety of service levels, such as purely using our platform to a fully managed testing process with a dedicated, expert project manager. The minimum tester setup of 10 testers references the lowest amount possible, normally we recommend integrating more testers to increase the significance and amount of data that is generated. 40 testers is a representative example for pricing purposes, but absolutely not an upper limit. The recommended number of testers heavily depends upon the requirements of your digital products. If you need further assistance, simply get in touch with us.




Solution Consultant QA & UX

Do you have questions about Regression Testing? Would you like to have more information on how we can help you make your digital products even better? Just send us a message, one of our Solution Consultants will be happy to get in touch with you.

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