Exploratory Bug Testing

The immense amount of differing devices and operating systems in today’s marketplace is overwhelming. A high standard of quality and flawless usability are essential to a company’s success. Take your testing into the real world with our crowd as they explore your applications using their own devices and help you avoid compatibility issues!

The challenge: How can I ensure the functionality of my software on all the different devices in the market?

Continuously testing software on all of the latest devices, operating systems and browser versions requires an enormous amount of resources. Despite a strict time schedule, performing extensive tests and identifying errors that have been missed during the internal quality assurance process is crucial. However, access to a group of testers with the right devices, who are able to test under real world conditions, is bound to be costly and time consuming.

The solution: The crowd tests your software on their own devices

In exploratory bug testing, your software is tested with user stories and predefined tasks while still allowing testers to maintain the freedom to complete each step in their own way. Every detail of the testing procedure is documented by the crowd, giving you a concrete idea on how your application or website behaves on a variety of devices. This process of testing outside of laboratory environments helps discover the bugs that lead to the most common errors encountered after a product’s release. Our crowd features over 450,000 devices with a never-ending combination of operating systems and software. Our exploratory tests provide you with invaluable functionality feedback concerning your product from the point of view of your end user. With exploratory crowdtesting, operational blindness is a thing of the past.

The Benefits of Exploratory Bug testing

  • A crowd with over 450,000 devices
  • Support with the test design and the evaluation of test results by experienced project managers as well as a quality check of the reported defects
  • Custom test design – Together with you and your requirements, we define the method of reporting and submitting bugs
  • Ad-hoc availability of our crowd
  • Bug-Approval – an optional service that lets you test all the bugs that have been found during exploratory testing on all the devices featured in the process. This shows whether the error occurs on only one device or on many different ones.
  • Live tracking and export bug lists using JIRA, Redmine and CSV capabilities

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

How it looks in practice

The appstore rating of one of your applications is much worse in the Google Play store than in the Apple Store due to a number of bad reviews about bugs. We start a test using a tester group of 25 Android users from our crowd, each operating Android 4.0 to 6.0 devices. After only a few days, the final test report yields 59 bugs. They can all be reproduced on our platform, or “Nest”, with the help of Virtual Machines. Most of them are easily fixed, such as faulty hyperlinks or images, but there are also seven severe bugs that lead to the application crashing. By fixing those errors, the app is successfully optimized for Android devices, raising the Google Play store rating.

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