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Testbirds Testing Platform Nest

Test websites, apps or Internet of Things devices with the help of our innovative testing platform: The Nest.

A platform to execute all your tests

Testbirds offers a dedicated testing platform to manage all your tests – the Nest. Whether it is Managed or Self-Service – with the Nest you have the opportunity to test your digital products such as apps, websites & IoT devices.

Testing with our platform – Your benefits

Easily execute your crowd tests to optimise QA and UX of your digital product.


Real world testing with over 500,000 available crowdtesters


Real device tests with over 1,000,000 devices from real end users – directly at your fingertips


Highest data security with testing environments completely developed by Testbirds and hosted only in Germany.


Functional and UX tests performed by your target group


No operational blindness due to unbiased feedback from our digital testing experts in the crowd


High quality standards and a client satisfaction rating of 9.2 out of 10


Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

Crowdtesting: Start your QA or UX test today

Anytime and anywhere – The Nest offers you full flexibility for your self-service projects. Use BirdCoins, our credit based system, to select the type of test you want to perform and start your first QA or UX project.

1 | Buy BirdCoins

BirdCoins are your currency in our flexible test environment. Set up a Nest account, log in and buy BirdCoins.

2 | Select the type of test

Select from 20+ different testing services in the Quality Assurance, Usability & UX and our Testbirds Exclusives categories.


3 | Start testing

Our crowd consisting of 500,000+ digital experts immediately starts working – und you get your results in real-time.

Crowdtesting at its best

Test and optimise your websites, apps, games, chatbots and Internet of things applications with the help of our innovative services

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