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Webinar Recap | Test Automation & Crowdtesting – A Perfect Fit


Webinar Recap | Test Automation & Crowdtesting – A Perfect Fit

In last week’s webinar with Magna, we introduced the V-Model 2.0 and explained how Crowdtesting and test automation complement each other perfectly. 

Magna, as an expert for test automation, and Testbirds, as an expert for Crowdtesting, further developed the traditional V-Model and adapted it to the needs of today.
We made the point that the V-Model is neither outdated nor unsuitable for agile development. Especially when developing products with a high need for stability, the model is still essential and, therefore, still used in the automotive industry, among others. 

Our partner Magna is a leading global automotive supplier, delivering new mobility solutions and technology with a focus on electrification and autonomy. While they can test a lot with test automation and reach great results with it, there is still that little something to add to their testing strategy – Crowdtesting. 

Let’s see how adding crowdtests changes the traditional V-Model. 

V-Model 2.0: The Best of Two Worlds

The V-Model is used to show the integration of quality assurance in the software development process. As you can see in the image, the value Crowdtesting adds is integrating user feedback (UX) very early on in development and then adding functional testing for quality assurance

magna webinar v-model

A common model to structure automated software tests is the test automation pyramid by Mike Cohn.
Magna and Testbirds combined the ideas of the V-Model and the automation pyramid so we can use all advantages of Crowdtesting with test automation. This way, all tests that can’t be automated can be tested by the Crowd. Crowdtesting adds what we call a “reality layer” and helps you make sure that software products also meet the quality standards outside of development teams.

magna webinar v-model and test automation pyramid

Watch the Full Webinar

During the webinar, we also showed a full Telemotive Test Automation (TTA) framework and gave insights into our crowdtests for BMW Motorrad. 

Watch it now and learn all the details about combining test automation with Crowdtesting and hear what our experts had to say in our panel discussion. 

Want to learn more about Crowdtesting or are you unsure how to integrate it into your development process? Contact us now and we will find the right solution for your needs. 


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