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Testing Insights| Testing Throughout the Development Life Cycle – with Jannes


Testing Insights| Testing Throughout the Development Life Cycle – with Jannes

With the increasing demand for high-quality digital products, testing has become more than just a duty to be fulfilled. Organizations want the full package of speed plus quality. 

To deliver the best digital products in the fastest possible time, an organization must perform testing in a systematic way. Testing an application throughout its development lifecycle, emphasizing early life cycle activities, helps increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of software testing. We interviewed Jannes, talking about how companies can implement an effective remote crowdtesting strategy to meet the market demand for high quality, delivered at speed. 

Testbirds: Hi Jannes, how are you? 

Jannes: Hi! I am doing very good, as was still not seriously affected by Corona. Also, the working conditions for me personally are still great, considering the circumstances. I can work from home without any hurdles.

TestbirdsWhat drew you to Testbirds originally? And how has Testbirds changed since? 

Jannes: Originally, I came to Testbirds because I was offered to do an internship in the Project Management department and write my final thesis in parallel. This opportunity was already a good example of the corporate culture here (or as we call it “Orga 4.0”) that comes with a lot of flexibility and always keeps the individual interests of its employees in mind (such as “I need to get done with university asap!”). The outstanding overall corporate culture convinced me to stay here a little longer.  

TestbirdsWhat does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on? 

Jannes: Actually, most of the time theres nothing like a typical day for me, which might be the thing I love the most about my job. I get tired fast when it comes to routine activities, but my role at Testbirds is diverse in terms of tasks and responsibilities. I work with different customers, that are in different industries and have different software for which they seek different testing solutions. As a project manager, I take care of the project setup, the project execution, and the evaluation. 
, usually each new project comes with new tasks for me and demands flexibility and creative thinking, as well as a lot of communication and coordination with clients, testers, and colleaguesOf course, this might be a bit challenging sometimes, but I know that I personally need this, and I also have a bunch of great colleagues that always have my back in times of need!  

Testbirds: When do you think QA activities should start? 

Jannes: Like most people in the field of testing, I would say you can’t start testing soon enough! Even the very first development steps can be accompanied by testing activities and you can build up a set of test cases that can always be used again for regression testing. Its always good to identify potential issues as soon as possible, as this saves a lot of time in the endOf course, there will always be discussions about limited capacity and resources for testing. But I think that Testbirds, especially in this context, is a great partner that can support its clients with continuous testing alongside the development process.  

TestbirdsWhere can crowdtesting provide the most value and which types of testing are most relevant? 

Jannes: I think the biggest advantage lies within the crowdtesting approach itself, and especially within the remote nature of our services. Thanks to our crowdsourced testing approach, we have the capacities and resources to cover almost every testing need. 

We have registered testers from all over the world from very diverse demographic groups. Therefore, we can match almost any target group of our customers. Also, as all of our testers use their private devices for testing, we have an incredibly huge variety of devices and operating system versions to reproduce identified bugs, and we can also verify certain bug fixes rapidly if needed. 
Therefore, w
e can offer important regression tests regularly, without a lot of effort needed from clients, to also validate smaller changes and updates. If a client recognizes problems with his software on certain devices or operating system versions, it’s easy for us to quickly set up a group of testers that can reproduce the bugs on the exact devices in question and give valuable feedback for fixing those bugs. No (real) test device farm can compare to this! Last but not least, we have the flexibility to react to customer requests quickly and as a result, we can form very efficient teams together with our customers. 

TestbirdsWhat has been your favorite project at Testbirds?  

Jannes: My favorite project is an ongoing project with a passenger transport company. We have a pool of testers that have gone through specific training and now deliver live feedback for the customer’s digital services on a monthly basis, to an extent our client could never reach internally. 
We can see that 
the real enduser feedback really makes a difference here and we keep on growing the project size together with our customer, as they implement more and more tester feedback into their internal processes. This also nicely demonstrates how companies can turn end-users into a part of their digital product development, which can be key to success. 

Testbirds: What do you personally find essential about testing? 

Jannes: Next to the obvious importance of continuous testing with a high coverage, I think its important not to fall for the infamous trap of operational blindness. This is very important in usability, as well as in functional contexts. Having real endusers – who weren’t involved in development – testing your software is a very good approach to prevent the negative consequences of operational blindness.   

Testbirds: What’s the most recent app you’ve downloaded, but are yet to use? 

JannesItan app called “Share Now”. Im very interested in smart mobility concepts and am also currently writing my Master thesis about this topic. I actually also worked together with another provider in this field, where Testbirds was able to deliver lots of valuable feedback from endus


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