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Testbirds recognized as Sample Vendor in the Gartner Hype Cycle for User Experience 2023 report


Testbirds recognized as Sample Vendor in the Gartner Hype Cycle for User Experience 2023 report

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We have been acknowledged as a sample vendor in the comprehensive Gartner® Hyper Cycle™ for User Experience 2023 report. The report, which focuses on the critical elements of Research Operations (ResearchOps), underscores how Testbirds helps organizations develop highly user-centered solutions.

Georg Hansbauer Co-Founder & CEO, Testbirds

"We are honored to be recognized as a sample vendor in this year’s Gartner Hype Cycle for User Experience report. At Testbirds, we believe that the heart of exceptional software lies in understanding and fulfilling user needs.

By helping to ensure a great user experience, we empower organizations to bridge the gap between user insights and product excellence. This recognition reaffirms our mission to drive innovation and elevate digital experiences across industries."

How we enable digital solutions to take flight

Empowering software excellence

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, user-centered design is paramount to software success. While traditional approaches often prioritize business objectives, ResearchOps highlights the importance of ongoing user research. At Testbirds, this translates into meticulous testing, via our global network of crowdtesters, and strategic guidance that empowers developers to create products that align with user needs and business goals.

Guiding innovation

Testbirds’ proficiency in software testing and enhancement allows it to play a pivotal role in the ResearchOps landscape – especially when it comes to the user experience (UX). The key drivers outlined in the report – including knowledge management, AI-enabled analysis, Agile integration, economies of scale, and adherence to standards – reflect Testbirds’ core strengths. By harnessing these drivers, and utilizing our global network of crowdtesters – real people who test in real-world conditions – Testbirds equips developers with insights that drive innovation and user satisfaction.

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Championing exceptional UX

When tackling challenges with UX, Testbirds takes a hands-on, collaborative approach. The obstacles highlighted in the report, including senior stakeholder buy-in, budget constraints, skill gaps, and tool alignment, resonate with our experience. By leveraging our global crowdtesting expertise, we not only identify these roadblocks but work alongside organizations to help ensure user-friendly experiences and product excellence.

Recommendations for transformative change

As a leader in quality software testing and enhancement, Testbirds offers actionable support to organizations. By partnering with Testbirds, developers can access our global crowdtesting insights, which go beyond theory and align with ResearchOps principles. Combining Testbirds’ testing expertise with the report’s recommendations empowers companies to integrate extraordinary user experiences into every stage of their product development.


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