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How Testbirds Keeps Innovating


How Testbirds Keeps Innovating

Today we’re very proud to let you know: Testbirds has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in Germany.

To be more concrete: We’re one of the 47 most innovative companies in Germany in the category “Internet, Media & Communication” in a selection by Statista and Capital magazine.

For the first time, this year the data analysis company Statista and the business magazine Capital have recognized the most innovative companies in Germany.

The award is not only an honor for Testbirds, but also for Munich, which was recognized as the most innovative location in Germany, followed by Berlin.

True team effort made this happen

For us, this is more than “just an award”. It shows us that we’re on the right track with our innovation strategy and unique corporate culture, which motivates us to continue on this path in the future. The award is also a great appreciation of the entire Testbirds team, of every single colleague who is working hard at making Testbirds, our services, and our company culture better every day. This strengthens us further in our belief that in today’s world we need to work closely together, appreciate everyone as an individual, and trust in our employees, clients, and our Crowd, in order to achieve the highest quality results.

How we work at Testbirds – Employees, Clients, Crowd

The award also speaks for the excellent reputation we’ve established on the market. A reputation we think is based on the principle we have for working together – together with our employees, together with our clients, and together with our Crowd.

How we work with our employees

At Testbirds we share the belief that every single colleague truly has the best intentions in mind when working and making decisions. This is one of the core fundamentals in our work and it helps us deal with constructive criticism and decisions that have to be made, but also with failures that might happen.

Our core values are based on the following points:

  • Communication
  • Trust & Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Identification

We communicate openly and honestly with our colleagues, head of’s, and founders. We trust each other and take over responsibilities. When mistakes are made, we learn from them. We are fully committed to Testbirds and our jobs – we believe in Testbirds.

How we work with clients

We want to work on an eye-to-eye level with our clients. We see them as equal partners not as “someone we want money from”. We want to offer our clients and partners the perfect testing solution for their individual needs. So, our solutions are tailor-made and flexible. We define each test case together with our clients and want to establish long-term relationships with them. We also see results from this mindset in our high level of client satisfaction and the positive feedback we receive after completed projects.

How we work with our Crowd

Our Crowd is the heart of Testbirds. Without our 400,000 testers, we would not be able to offer anything, we would not exist. We care about the needs of each and every tester and want to work closely and fairly with them.
That’s why we initiated the Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct. Together with other companies, we commit ourselves to fair working conditions which include fair payment, motivation and appreciation of good work (e.g. by experience points or badges), respectful interaction, and clear and reasonable timing.

How do we stay creative and innovative?

All these things mentioned are part of the puzzle that is our continued creativity and innovativeness. By building trust with employees, clients, and our Crowd we ensure that new ideas come forward from all directions. Our established sense of trust lets everybody feel that they can contribute and that their ideas are met with positivity, engagement, and support. Our willingness to innovate and improve means that the ideas will be bounced around for input and insights and will be allowed to grow.

Even if a novel idea eventually ends up being rejected, everyone involved can be confident that we gave it our best shot, and can be proud to have worked together with the best intentions in mind and the highest quality results as our common goal.

What do we actually do?

Now that you know how we work, I also want to give you a glimpse of what we actually do every day. Rather than explaining this in writing, it’s easier (for both you and me) to let our Co-Founder and CEO Philipp tell you all about it in our Crowdtesting video series.

Would you like to hear more about the way we work and what we do? Get in touch!

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