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Sport & Leisure

Exercise your software through testing! 

Thanks to recent technological developments in the fitness industry, smartphones and wearables are slowly transforming into personal trainers. Enthusiasts can now count calories, measure their pulse, track distances they run and much more. For this to work, devices need to be usable in an intuitive manner. In addition, quality assurance becomes another challenge as they need to be durable and usable in special environments such as underwater. Does your smart wristband survive harsh weather conditions? Is it comfortable to wear? Does it transfer data to smartphones without any problems?

Online shops and sports portals need appealing and fresh designs. Content has to be accompanied by stylish images that match the corresponding target group. Sport sites need to cater on an emotional level. In addition, fast loading times and flawless functionality are equally important.

With Testing 4.0 you can optimize the performance of your digital products. From online shops to wearables, we offer flexible solutions that match your testing requirements.

How can Testbirds help?

We support our clients by optimising their software.

  • Crowdtesting: select your exact target group from over 200,000 registered testers based on 60 characteristics 
  • Cloud solutions for manual and automated testing
  • Sport apps, wearables/fitness trackers, online shops, sport portals
  • End-to-end tests for Internet of Things devices
  • Flexible test design matching your individual requirements
  • UX/Usability and functionality testing

Practical example: VFL Wolfsburg

Test scope


BugAbility test of a website and its corresponding online shop 

Devices: desktop, tablet, smartphone

Test Object

Desktop PC (Windows and Mac) with Safari, Chrome, IE and Firefox

Target group

Target Group

Soccer enthusiasts between 18 and 60 years old 

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