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Comparison Study

Thinking about an A/B test? We have a better solution with real outcomes on your KPIs. Find out what your users prefer and most importantly – why!



Significantly improve the CR and ROI of your digital product


Save time and resources compared to A/B testing


Get the chance to compare completely different versions of your digital product


Understand why your users prefer a particular version


Leverage a Comparison Study to bring the quality of your applications to the next level


What is a Comparison Study?

A Comparison Study helps you and your design team discover usability problems in new or changed versions of your user interface design. A Comparison Study goes far beyond the widely known A/B testing. In A/B tests you can only change one small part of your website – like the CTA-button – but a Comparison Study gives you the opportunity to test completely different versions against each other.

In the end, not only will you know which version is preferred by your target audience, but also why, since this type of research lets you ask the testers for qualitative feedback during the test session. This allows you to combine qualitative and quantitative methods by asking real users about certain user behaviours and preferences.


The Challenge: A/B tests are not enough

When talking about improving the usability and user experience (UX) of a website, webshop, or any other digital product, most people immediately think about classical A/B tests. So, what normally happens is this: you take one single piece of your website and change it, for example, the color of the CTA-button. Then it goes live and you test it against the previous version. The version that gets more clicks is the winner and will be live from that moment onwards.

Then you go on in a similar manner, improving your user experience design by checking and alternating every little piece of your website step by step. As you can imagine, this is both time and resource consuming. Furthermore, it’s also quite likely that your conversion rate only changes marginally with every change. Plus, it opens the door for organisational blindness as you design the tests and hypotheses based on your own preferences instead of your customer’s.

The Solution: consult your target group!

Imagine you could test several different versions of your product against each other and get the chance to ask your users why they prefer a certain element in version A and another element in version B and C. We help you with your UX research and usability testing by offering exactly that. We have more than 500,000 testers in our Crowd. With the help of more than 65 demographic criteria such as jobs or hobbies, we can choose testers that exactly match your target group.

The Crowd then supports you with your comparative analysis by finding out if you should choose options A or B, and tells you exactly why one alternative is better than the other. From wireframes and click dummies all the way up to finished websites, a Comparison Study can be used in all stages of development. We create a custom test design based on your requirements and the questions you would like answered. Let the testers decide between different colors, text layouts, and navigation styles. It’s also possible to choose two tester groups that each test only one of the alternatives and provide you with feedback regarding only option A or B. Our Comparison Study gives you invaluable insights into the requirements of your target group that exceed the results of pure A/B testing.


VEON – An A/B Comparison Study
“The team at Testbirds convinced us with a thorough pitch and a ‘can do’ attitude despite the tight deadline and disparate nature of the territories involved in the test.(…)The results of the A/B comparison UI test for content discovery on VEON had a direct impact on the platform and business and we are grateful for Testbird’s efforts. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again”
David Kane, Director of Editorial Content, VEON

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Testing Reality. Real users. Real devices. Real time.
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