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Lunch & Learn - The Art of Market Research

Discover how to stay ahead in our Lunch & Learn session about market research. Discover how to gain in-depth insights into evolving consumer preferences, buying habits, and emerging trends with crowdtesting.

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Market research

Event Overview

Understanding consumer behavior, gathering product feedback, assessing brand perception, and analyzing competitors can be challenging for any market research and analytics teams. By surveying our global community of real users, you can gain in-depth insights into evolving consumer preferences, buying habits, and emerging trends.

In our Lunch & Learn we explore our comprehensive Market Research service and learn how it provides you with the real user insights needed to refine marketing strategies, enhance products, and foster positive brand perceptions. From competitor analysis or crowd surveys to comparison studies, our existing crowdtesting services allow you to evaluate every aspect of your marketing approach from a different perspective – that of your actual users.


Our Experts

Tobias Brunner

Head of Marketing

Chia-Ying Lai

Project Manager UX/QA

Key Takeaways

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  • Understand the advantages of crowdtesting over traditional market research methods
  • Explore how Crowd Survey, Comparison Study, and Competitor Analysis services provide real-world, actionable insights for strategic decision-making
  • Discover real-world examples from the payment, travel, and e-commerce industry
  • Harness the potential of crowdtesting to benchmarking against competitors, identify market gaps, and drive innovation in your industry

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