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Lunch & Learn - Logo Testing Unveiled

Elevate your marketing strategies with our first Lunch & Learn webinar on logo testing and learn how to make data-backed decisions that drive success for your (re)branding efforts.

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Logo Testing

Event overview

Building and maintaining a strong brand identity is a cornerstone of marketing success, and at the heart of it lies your logo. From crowd surveys or usability testing to comparison studies, our existing crowdtesting services allow you to evaluate every aspect of your marketing approach from a different perspective – that of your actual users. In this session, we’ll guide you through our Logo Testing service, showcasing real-world examples and demonstrating our logo survey.


Our Marketing Experts

Tobias Brunner

Head of Marketing

Giada Bettio

UI UX Designer

Key Takeaways

Watch the recording

  • Gain a better understanding of logo testing based on Testbirds rebranding story
  • Learn how professional logo testing can lead to data-backed decision-making, ensuring your logo resonates effectively with your target audience
  • Gain insights into setting clear goals, selecting appropriate metrics, and crafting effective survey questions for our crowd survey

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