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Digital Thinkers Forum – “CX – Lessons Learned From Superheroes”

Fredrik Forss
| Linkedin
| International Marketing & PR Manager

May 18, 2021 we hosted the second edition of our homegrown event focused on customer experience and what we can learn from superheroes about customer centricity. They lead by example, inspire others, and create trust. That makes them great leaders to learn from. If we then view customer centricity as a form of leadership (inspired by such superheroes), can we take the customer experience to a new level?

We hosted two speakers – Laura Schulte demonstrated why it’s crucial to invest in trust for your customer experience and not be afraid to fail (and learn) and Barra O’Leary walked us through a project and its details concerning early testing, what to learn from feedback, how to implement improvements, in order to finally succeed. After the keynotes, the topic was continued in a panel discussion on which learnings have been most important and what the future of customer experience


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