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Test Digital Features, Beta Apps and Prototypes for BMW Motorrad

Together with BMW, we are looking for motivated riders of BMW motorcycles to help us test the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide App, under-development websites or platforms and digital as well as physical prototypes of all kinds. You can be a part of the ongoing improvement of the ConnectedRide Apps for iOS and Android, various services and other digitally-connected products by BMW Motorrad, and actively shape the ongoing developments.

Become a tester now

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When you sign up to this testing community, you'll be invited to share your opinions on new, unreleased app versions, give feedback to existing problems and report any bugs that you encounter. We will also invite you to share your opinions on various other digital products, either in the form of a personal interview or in written form on our platform. Since we greatly value your contributions, you will of course receive compensation for your participation in test runs, interviews and other studies.

Your contributions will go directly to the developers of the BMW Motorrad Connected App. Your personal data is treated with the highest confidentiality and employees of BMW will only receive anonymized results.

It´s as easy as this

1. Step

Simply sign up here and create an account on the Testbirds platform.

2. Step

Add the smartphone you are using with your BMW bike to your account. Afterwards, you will be invited to fill in an initial question­naire, where a welcome video by us and BMW will be waiting for you.

In the future

You will receive an email invitation every time a test for BMW Motorrad starts. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Report existing bugs within the app and help BMW fix these issues

Earn compensation for your feedback and your reported bugs

Become a tester now
Take a look

Learn more about our partnership with BMW

If you are also interested in how Testbirds is working with BMW Motorrad to test and improve their Connected Ride App, have a look at this case study.

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