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How to achieve product success with crowdtesting

Discover how BMW Motorrad achieved product success and how you can replicate their success with crowdtesting. A short recap of Bosch ConnectedWorld 2022.


How to achieve product success with crowdtesting

Discover how BMW Motorrad achieved product success and how you can replicate their success with crowdtesting. A short recap of Bosch ConnectedWorld 2022.

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Darren Choong
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From awe-inspiring innovations to the big stage (quite literally), Bosch ConnectedWorld 2022 was certainly one of, if not the, event of the year for us at Testbirds.

Even as a hybrid event, the high-quality livestream for participants joining online made it feel like you were in STATION-Berlin yourself!

The leading event on Artificial Internet of Things (AIoT) and digital transformation, It was great to learn about digitalization, future mobility, and artificial intelligence (AI) for the business of the future on the first day (9 November), from inspiring speakers such as Bosch CEO Stefan Hartung and BMW Group CEO Oliver Zipse. Not only were there online participants at the event, but also online presenters, as LANDING AI CEO Andrew Ng joined the big stage virtually.

Another curious appearance on the big stage was the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics, which freely roamed around the event grounds alongside other robots like a remote-controlled minivan from Bosch.

BCW22 - Stefan Hartung and Andrew Ng

Achieving product success with crowdtesting

Our highlight of BCW22 was of course, our presentation with Jann Kirchhoff from BMW Motorrad, as part of the session.

After being introduced by Georg Hansbauer, co-founder & CEO of Testbirds, Jann took the stage to share more about product success management at BMW Motorrad and how Testbirds and crowdtesting has helped contribute to that.

Jann shared how the launch of a digital product is merely the version before the first update. There will be bugs to fix and things to improve, highlighted Jann, especially if customers are already using the product and sharing reviews online and on social media.

He explained the role that product success management plays at BMW Motorrad, in particular ensuring the customer is integrated in the whole product development process, so as to provide sufficient information to optimize the product and meet user needs.

BMW Motorrad's Jann Kirchhoff speaking about the ConnectedRide Cradle at BCW22

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Jann then highlighted how crowdtesting, together with Testbirds, helped BMW Motorrad validate and test their apps and digital services with their customers.

JANN KIRCHHOFF Product Success Manager ConnectedRide, BMW Motorrad

“Crowdtesting is not only a game changer, sometimes it feels like a superpower.”

He shared 4 benefits of crowdtesting for BMW Motorrad:

  1. Direct and immediate access to a global community of over 350 customers
  2. Test anytime, regardless of seasons or weather
  3. Actual dialogue with real customers
  4. Learn how customers really use the product

Jann wrapped up with a short case study of their ConnectedRide Cradle product and how crowdtesting allowed BMW Motorrad to test the full user experience of both hardware and software with real users from around the world.

Jann Kirchhoff Product Success Manager ConnectedRide, BMW Motorrad

“All the knowledge that the user needed [about the ConnectedRide Cradle] and the questions that they asked were already answered in the online user base, since we could derive them from the [user] interviews.”

BMW Motorrad Presentation at BCW22

Watch the full presentation now or read the full transcript here.

Georg Hansbauer Co-Founder & CEO, Testbirds

“Really grateful to Jann for taking the stage at BCW22 and sharing his work at improving the customer experience of BMW Motorrad’s digital products. I’m looking forward to continuing to focus on customer-centricity with Jann and BMW.”

Testing IoT devices and customer journeys

BCW22 - Jann Kirchhoff and Testbirds

Jann continued the discussions around crowdtesting with BCW22 attendees at our Testbirds booth, where our own crowdtesting experts Michael, Florian, and Rebecca shared more about developing IoT devices that are flawlessly connected, secure, and stable.

We shared our experience and expertise with Bug & UX Testing, IoT Connectivity Testing, and Customer Journey Testing for our customers especially in the manufacturing sector.

Want to find out how crowdtesting can bring your digital products to the next level? Reach out here and our crowdtesting experts will be in touch!

Highlights of BCW22

Watch this highlights video from Bosch to get a taste of BCW22!


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