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Webinar: Enhancing Customer Experience in the BFSI Sector


Webinar: Enhancing Customer Experience in the BFSI Sector

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Tobias Brunner
| Linkedin
| Head of Marketing

The Banking, Financial Services & Insurance sector is changing. Moving from old-school face-to-face business, such as queuing to pay with cheques or to book an appointment, to enabling fast-paced digital customer journeys that are available anywhere and anytime the customer pleases.

Competition to attract customers is growing, people are not just checking the financial benefits of different offerings, but also reflecting on how good the digital customer journey is. In this webinar we focus on how the BFSI sector can improve the customer journey by:

  • Understanding the customer’s need.
  • Targeting the right user research.
  • Learning from each other and considering new ideas.
  • Testing and benchmarking the user experience – ensuring constant improvement.

Watch below to find out more!


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