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Testbirds Holiday Apps: Halloween


Testbirds Holiday Apps: Halloween

In the midst of Autumn, characterized by dead leaves that stain a cold ground an auburn hue and naked branches which caress your periphery vision, lies October. While often considered a month of preparation for the cold days that grow darker by the hour to come, it’s also a time where we appease the spirits and celebrate the dead through a very special holiday. On the 31st of October falls Halloween, a time honored festival where for one dreadful night, people come together to dress up as their worst nightmares, blackmail their neighbours into giving them treats and engulf themselves in insomnia inducing activities and stories.

Halloween is a holiday that has continually adapted with time and incorporated the latest technology into its festivities. From the early 1900’s paper mâché masks to today’s elaborate high quality costumes, fancy dress designs have always been a reflection of popular culture. In the past, families and friends would gather around to tell terrifying stories whereas now, in the digital age, we come together to watch horror films and play scary video games. Today, we plan to take a look at a piece technology that is ensuring Halloween’s continual relevance to our times: Apps.


There’s nothing more difficult than choosing an appropriate costume that manages to reflect your personality and frighten anyone unfortunate enough to cross your path on Halloween. Here is an app that can help you come to a decision and distinguish yourself from your peers:

Morph DigitalDudz

This app is a great example of a simple yet innovative alternative to the traditional fancy dress concept. The integration of technology into fashion, such as Marty Mcfly’s revolutionary clothes in the “Back to the Future” series, is a coveted concept that is slowly finding its place in society. What the DigitalDudz app accomplishes with this idea is to bring your costume to life by creating a smartphone pocket in their wide variety of costume designs. By downloading their free app, you can have a beating heart, rotating eyeball and a multitude of other horrifying features digitally spice your otherwise static costumes.

    Download it on iTunes


In today’s day and age, video games have flourished from their rather simplistic ancestors Pac-Man and Pong, to epic sagas with stunning visuals, complex storylines and captivating interactive experiences. With a unique level of immersion that is unattainable by other storytelling forms such as films and books, a game can provide a horror experience like no other by putting you in control of main characters in horrific scenarios:

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Following the immense success of it’s same named PC counterpart, Five Nights as Freddy’s is readily available to play on your smartphone. It falls in the point and click survival horror genre and focuses mostly on resource management. While the story itself is almost an afterthought, you play as a nighttime caretaker at a fictional pizza restaurant called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza where you have to defend yourself from malevolent animatronic animal characters bent on killing you, due to a number of jump scares and a tense environment, Five Nights at Freddy’s has become somewhat of a phenomenon in the gaming world.

Download it on iTunes and on Google Play


To some, video games are enigmas best left untouched, despite their ability to be great forms of storytelling. Still, common Halloween traditions see families and friends curled up together experiencing terrifying fiction that will haunt their dreams for weeks on end. With mobility being a factor of increasing importance in the digital age, what better way to access stories than from your smartphones?


A phenomenon born out of the internet age, creepypastas are horror-related images and stories that have been copy-and-pasted all around the internet. They are often shorter than traditional stories and have transcended their somewhat underground beginnings by finding their place in mainstream media through coverage in various outlets such as The New York Times. This app gathers a number of these online legends in one convenient place. Perfect to have a spooky storytelling session on Halloween night with your friends at home or on the go.

Download it on Google Play

Halloween is a time where fear is the main attraction in an otherwise cold and gray amusement park. It’s an opportunity to distract oneself from the growing cold and, most importantly, it’s a chance to come together with family and friends. Whether you’re looking to induce fear into the hearts of everyone you meet through innovative costume designs or scare yourself and your friends silly with spooky stories and horrifying gaming experiences, make sure to take some time to enhance this years Halloween by exploring a darker, more digital side of apps for your handheld devices.

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