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Crowdtesting provider Testbirds expands its services with automated testing solution TestChameleon

Tobias Brunner
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Crowdtesting provider Testbirds expands its services with automated testing solution TestChameleon

Munich, 9th December 2014
Europe’s leading crowdtesting provider, Testbirds, announced the arrival of TestChameleon, a new service that enables software testing with virtual machines (VMs). Through the service, companies and organizations are able to extensively test their applications on a wide range of operating systems, without the need of acquiring each environment for in-house testing. In essence, it facilitates them to run tests of their software to analyze for compatibility and inconsistencies. TestChameleon received recognition and support from the German Ministry for Economic Affairs for its development.

Fully customizable testing solution
TestChameleon is a cloud testing solution in which disposable VMs are constructed. The VMs are fully customizable, so clients get unrestricted administrator rights and can install any kind of software for testing purposes; whether it’s a single application or an entire .NET Framework. Subsequently, clients can securely run manual tests or automated tests with Selenium or SikuliX scripts. “We have developed TestChameleon in order to fulfill our clients’ need for automated testing,” says Testbirds co-founder Georg Hansbauer. “It only takes seconds to have a VM up and running and have it adapt to meet specific requirements. All with the flexibility and speed one would expect of a chameleon.”

Flexible and secure API
TestChameleon’s flexibility is also supported by the fact that access is securely provided to its servers, in full accordance with the customers’ IT policies. In addition, the cloud solution can also be offered as an on-premises solution. This way, developers can easily ensure a consistent UX and achieve bug free software on all operating systems, browsers, and associated software. Hansbauer concludes, “We have done quite a few successful implementations of TestChameleon and are now ready to open it up to a larger audience. This is great, because we are eager to improve our TestChameleon API every single day.”


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