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A supportive culture

Taking on the exciting challenge of establishing our Leipzig office, Julia talks about the importance of our people, what makes working at Testbirds so rewarding, and why Leipzig is such a terrific location.

Testbirds: Hi Julia, how are you?

I’m fine, thank you. I work remotely a lot right now and sometimes miss the direct contact with my colleagues, but we also try to keep as close contact as possible via virtual meetings and remote events. For example, we did a delicious remote chocolate tasting and organized a remote baking session together.

Testbirds: Glad to hear that! Could you tell us a little about yourself and the journey that brought you to Testbirds?

After completing my studies in psychology and human-machine interaction in Dresden, I was looking for a challenging opportunity to apply my knowledge with direct impact. I did my master’s thesis in Ingolstadt at Audi and was close to Munich at the time I was looking for jobs.

By chance, I came across a job ad from Testbirds and was immediately attached to the concept of realizing testing projects with crowd testers to better adapt products to the needs of end customers.

Julia photograph

Testbirds: What’s exciting or challenging about your current job role?

In my role as UX Project Manager at Testbirds, every project is different – and I always need to adjust to the needs and expectations of the client. There are a lot of new topics that I must familiarize myself with. Especially because we serve customers from so many different industries! We also get in touch with a lot of different test products and services – besides apps and websites – for example Smart Home devices. This always keeps things exciting.

Testbirds: We’re expanding and opening a new office in Leipzig – and you’ll be our first employee there. Why do you want to move to Leipzig?

After two years in Munich, I realized that I wanted to be closer to my family again – they’re based in Saxony. Also, Leipzig is a vibrating, modern city and I was truly excited when I heard that Testbirds would expand their nest there.

Testbirds: Exciting times for Testbirds – what do you expect from joining our new office in Leipzig?

I’m excited to have the opportunity to go into the office regularly (instead of only working remotely) and I look forward to many new Birds joining the team there soon. I’m proud to be part of this growth opportunity for Testbirds!

Testbirds: Why should ambitious talents join Testbirds and particularly within the project management team?

The corporate culture at Testbirds is truly outstanding. Communication is always at eye level – great care is taken to ensure that new employees fit into the team. Everyone is very supportive. New ideas are received and discussed – and we try to make them work as a team. I really appreciate that.

In project management, you can pursue your own interests – whether you want to focus more on Quality Assurance or – like me – on User Experience. You also play a large part in influencing the customer segment you’re responsible for.

Testbirds: Can you please give our readers a tip for Leipzig? What’s a must-see?

That’s a difficult one – there’s so much to explore! I would highly recommend visiting the Wilhelminian quarters. Also, Leipzig has some great cultural offerings spread across the city, for instance in the Plagwitz district. There are also wonderful art galleries like the Grassi Museum.

And I love the lakes near Leipzig. In summer you can jump on a bike and be in nature very quickly – you can even directly paddle by canoe from the Leipzig city harbor to one of the lakes!

Testbirds: Thank you very much for this insightful interview, Julia!


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