An on-point event: Test Automation Days 2019 in Utrecht

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Last week, we were at the Test Automation Days in Utrecht. We had some very insightful chats, learned a lot at interesting keynote speeches and are really happy with the attendance at our talk about the installation of a test automation infrastructure at Raiffeisen.

Test Automation Days 2019

Though it is a rather small conference, Test Automation Days in Utrecht is a key meeting place and an on-point conference around automated software testing for IT professionals. It features workshops, talks and presentations on test automation – this year all around the main theme “Test Automation in a Continuous World”. We obviously couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend the event and sent Felix, Bree, Robert and Carl to Utrecht to represent Testbirds, talk with partners and clients and gather new insights.

For Testbirds the event was a great success. As the thematic field of the conference is so narrow – being solely about automated software testing – it shows very high relevance to all attendees. The whole set-up at Utrecht created a very efficient exchange and the futuristic design at the location affected the prospering atmosphere even more. Most interesting at the conference was Dorothy Graham’s closing keynote speech about her experience in software testing. Being in this field of business for over 40 years and having performed nearly 400 conference talks, makes her THE absolute expert and a very captivating speaker.

Test Automation Days Utrecht Test Automation Days Utrecht
Test Automation Days Utrecht Test Automation Days Utrecht

Our Presentation: Installing a test automation infrastructure at a bank

But we not only came there to listen. We are very happy about the great attendance at our talk about the installation of a test automation infrastructure at a swiss bank. Felix Kuperjans, Technical Lead Device Cloud at Testbirds, and Louis Stark, Software Engineer at Raiffeisen Test Service Department, talked about how we implemented the Testbirds On-Premises Device-Farm at Raiffeisen for app testing.

They did a great job presenting the project in full detail, from the first framework to the installation and the gained key learnings and next steps. They also revealed what challenges they had to overcome during the installation process and how they solved them. Did you know how difficult it can be to install a device farm without a docker? Watch the full presentation from last week in our video below.

Continuous Testing with Testbirds

The project with Raiffeisen is a perfect example for a long-term partnership, where the Testbirds On-Premises Device Farm is integrated as a continuous testing solution into the client’s QA-Process. If you are interested to learn more about On-premises solutions, you can read our blog article Behind the scenes: On-Premises Device Cloud Installation.

Continuous testing also is the perfect bridge to the overarching topic of last week’s Test Automation Days “Test Automation in a Continuous World”. At Testbirds we strongly advocate long-term partnerships and the integration of ongoing automated testing into a company’s testing process. Fortunately, we had many visitors at our booth in Utrecht to whom we were able to talk about this.

“We had some good talks and had people actively coming up to our booth because they heard of us and wanted to know more. Also, our branding appeals to this technical audience as I literally ran out of all goodie marketing material. Even the pens!”, said Bree the next day.

Don’t worry, we already reordered some pens for next year’s Test Automation Days in Utrecht and are looking forward to the event already!

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