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Does my client find information or products faster on the site of a different provider? What are the strengths of my website compared to those of my competitors? The crowd has the answers!



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The challenge: The competition never sleeps

Millions of applications fight to be the first choice of consumers in app stores. Similarly, the competition for websites and other digital products is enormous. While some companies are extremely successful, others have trouble to find their big break. How exactly does my software differ from that of my competitors? What strengths does my app have and in what way is my competition superior? Why do my consumers visit a certain website more often than another? To gain a competitive advantage and be able to survive in an oversaturated marketplace, it’s vital to take a closer look at the competition.

The solution: Analyse your competitors with the help of the crowd!

At Testbirds your target group performs the test! Thanks to more than 60 demographic criteria, we can choose the exact group from our community that matches the demographics of your potential consumers to perform a competitor analysis. Ask the testers about their opinions on your competition’s digital products and find out how your own software can be optimized. We create customized test designs that address the exact questions you need answered. If your product is already live, you can compare your website or app to its competition by asking quantitative and qualitative questions. Alternatively, you can reinforce your assumptions on your competition by verifying them with our crowd. Performing crowd-based market research before the product reaches development stage can also help you find out where your application can find success and what needs to be improved on in comparison to your competitors.

How it looks in practice

One of our clients noticed that family holidays and active tours were booked often on their website, but city trip bookings were less popular. To investigate the reasons why this occurred, their own website was compared to the websites of their three biggest competitors. Thirty crowdtesters that matched their target group were consulted. To avoid biased results, the testers were not told who the client was. Central characteristics such as navigation structure, filters and search functions were compared. In addition, special attention was given to the booking and payment systems. The results showed that the target group requires more flexibility when booking the trips and that the available payment methods did not meet their needs. The competitor analysis also provided valuable graphical insights for the upcoming relaunch.

Sü tests their digital channels with Testbirds

“The test results gave us very good indications of what we need to attach special importance to in further development. (…) With this feedback we can further adapt our constantly renewed appearance to the needs of the readers.”
Johannes Vogel, Managing Director | Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien GmbH.

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This short video explains how crowdtesting with Testbirds works: Discover bugs and functional errors and optimise the customer experience, usability and UX of your software and applications.

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Watch our masterclass video series on QA & UX Testing - as seen on The Telegraph & Business Reporter. Discover with our CEO & host Philipp Benkler how to optimize your digital products in the best way possible.

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