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Elevating Telecom CX with Customer Journey Testing

Telecom businesses must uncover real user insights that refine interactions, increase customer satisfaction, and solidify a legacy of unparalleled connectivity and care.


Elevating Telecom CX with Customer Journey Testing

Telecom businesses must uncover real user insights that refine interactions, increase customer satisfaction, and solidify a legacy of unparalleled connectivity and care.

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Today’s business success hinges on delivering exceptional and personalized customer experiences (CX) throughout the customer journey. This is not an exaggeration, as shifting customer preferences, behaviors, and expectations, coupled with heightened competition, lead to increased churn rates. Companies capable of meeting present and future customer needs gain a significant competitive edge.

Accenture’s recent report underlines the significance of providing outstanding customer experiences.

“Companies that focus their entire organization around delivering exceptional experiences for their customers, employees and society outperform their industry peers by six times in year-on-year profitability.”

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For the telecommunications sector, mastering tailored CX transcends strategic choice – it becomes a necessity. In an era where connectivity integrates into modern life, telecom providers extend beyond services, facilitating seamless interactions that shape daily experiences. Navigating this landscape demands a shift in perspective, treating customers as active participants in an ongoing relationship, anticipating needs, comprehending context, and curating deeply human interactions.

This shift calls for more flexible journeys and enhanced customer-centricity in all actions.

The average Net Promoter Score of the telecommunications industry is 31, which is the lowest average across all industries.
63.3% of respondents switched telecom providers 1 to 3 times over the past decade.
Boosting customer retention by just 5% could lead to a 25% increase in profit.

Where a single negative experience could lead to customer loss, precision becomes paramount. The evolving digital landscape increases the likelihood of encountering multiple issues, necessitating rigorous testing.

This whitepaper delves into the challenges, pain points, and opportunities inherent in creating a seamless customer journey. It also explores how Customer Journey Testing influences the overall customer experience.

The CX Challenge

A major hurdle in crafting excellent CX is the multitude of digital products on offer. From apps to online shops, each has unique issues to consider. Two critical areas are ensuring flawless touchpoints and navigating shifting telecom offers.

Ensuring Flawless Touchpoints

Every touchpoint plays a pivotal role in CX, influencing brand perception, repeat business, and loyalty. By designing, managing, and testing these touchpoints, companies can enhance the user experience, boost conversion rates, and ensure precise localization.


Website & App: Telecom websites and apps are primary interfaces for customers to explore plans, services, and accounts. A user-friendly interface with clear details and self-service options enhances the experience.

Catches issues like confusing navigation, slow loading times, broken links, etc.

Plan Selection & Customization: Offering various plans and customization tools enables personalization.

Detects problems like limited options, unclear pricing, and difficulty in tailoring services.

Billing & Payment: Transparent billing and convenient online payment contribute to smooth experiences.

Identifies issues like incorrect charges and complicated billing statements.

Customer Support: Quick support through various channels resolves issues.

Reveals missing human touch, long wait times, and unhelpful agents.

Service Activation & Installation: Seamless activation with clear instructions ensures a positive start.

Highlights missed appointments and delays.

Technical Support & Troubleshooting: Online guides and FAQs reduce frustration.

Spots unhelpful resources and generic responses.

Network Quality & Performance: Reliable network impacts experiences.

Finds slow speeds and dropped calls.

Account Management: Online account management provides convenience.

Uncovers inaccessible info and errors.

Device Purchases & Support: Offering compatible devices and support streamlines integration.

Finds device-related issues, such as potential incompatibility.

Network Alerts & Renewal Notifications: Proactive notifications aid decision-making and manage expectations.

Detects missed notifications and confusion.

Promotions & Offers: Clear communication of promotions matters.

Identifies misleading terms and difficulties in redeeming offers.

Additional Plans: Some customers lack extra plans.

Captures these potential revenue opportunities.

Navigating Shifting Offers

The evolving telecom landscape requires agile adaptation and consistent CX. While positive CX leads to more clarity when selecting and personalizing plans, getting your CX wrong can result in confusion, missed savings, and customer churn.

Testbirds Research

Telecom Crowd Insights

Discover how telecom providers can improve their CX to retain existing subscribers and acquire new customers.

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Customer Journey Testing

Customer Journey Testing offers a comprehensive, adaptable, and customer-centric approach. It evaluates touchpoints, conducts realistic simulations, and analyzes the entire customer journey. This approach optimizes user interfaces, identifies pain points, ensures consistency, and guides decision-making.

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Step 1

Define testing objectives and scope

Step 2

Craft realistic scenarios and user journeys

Step 3

Select and onboard crowdtesters

Step 4

Execute tests

Step 5

Monitor feedback and track issues

Step 6

Analyze results

Step 7

Iterate and optimize

Step 1: Define testing objectives and scope

We focus on your telecom service’s specific aspects (e.g., sign-up, network coverage, billing, support), clarifying objectives and outlining scope. We pinpoint specific touchpoints and scenarios.

Step 2: Craft realistic scenarios and user journeys

We create realistic scenarios for customer interactions. Diverse user personas ensure comprehensive testing. We may use methods like mystery calls, CX testing, and Usability or UX testing.

Step 3: Select and onboard crowdtesters

Using our Nest crowdtesting platform, we choose testers by location, devices, and service providers. Clear instructions, resources, and issue guidelines are provided during onboarding.

Step 4: Execute tests

We give crowdtesters defined scenarios and guidelines. They interact with your service, providing insights, screenshots, and videos.

Step 5: Monitor feedback and track issues

We continuously monitor testers’ adherence to scenarios. Testers’ feedback is meticulously tracked and organized in a central system. We prioritize issues, collaborating for prompt resolution.

Step 6: Analyze results

Comprehensive analysis reveals patterns, trends, and pain points. Insights guide improvements for a better user experience.

Step 7: Iterate and optimize

Enhancements are made based on analysis. Scenarios and journeys are updated. Regular testing cycles sustain optimization.

Our Crowdtesting Approach to Your Customer Journey

Testbirds excels in crowdtesting, engaging real people across the globe to test digital solutions under real-world conditions. This approach complements conventional methods, providing a holistic understanding of product experience, usability, and quality. Our unique methodology covers diverse digital products and adapts to evolving telco offerings, ultimately enhancing the telecom customer experience.

Proven Process, Proven Results

Testbirds’ expertise in comprehensive customer journey testing is exemplified by our work with several leading telecommunications companies in Europe and around the world. Our crowdtesting solution has optimized digital experiences, increased customer satisfaction, and improved brand loyalty.

This included providing crowdsourced mystery calls for a global telecommunications company to better evaluate its customer service performance.

For a Swiss telecom company, we conducted CX testing on their smart TV solutions to ensure usability, reliability, functionality, and quality.

We also conducted CX testing for a German telecom provider to ensure their app was working as intended on a variety of smart TVs and connected devices.

In addition, we conducted usability and UX testing for one of Europe’s largest mobile operators to review four versions of a bundled tariff website to determine which provided the best experience, and to test their chatbot for usability issues across multiple smartphones and desktops.

You can find more details here or how our solutions have helped others in multiple other industries.


Elevating Telecom CX with Customer Journey Testing

Elevating Telecommunications: The Crucial Role of Crowdtesting in Enhancing the Customer Experience

As the telecommunications industry evolves its digital products and responds to changing market dynamics, robust customer journey testing is essential.

Our innovative approach can help you navigate this complexity and ensure smooth customer experiences across any range of products and plans.

In an era driven by customer centricity, embracing crowdtesting can help ensure a solid and consistent customer experience that allows you to truly differentiate your business from the competition.

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