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Digital Thinkers Forum

The next edition of our Testbirds Digital Thinkers Forum is coming up! Join us to find out what we can learn from superheroes about customer experience and how you can be a superhero for your customers too.

May 18, 2021 // 16:30 CEST (10:30 EDT)

CX – Lessons Learned From Superheroes

Since our last Digital Thinkers Forum was a great success, we are naturally not going to miss the opportunity to continue our event series this year.

The Digital Thinkers Forum on May 18th will focus on customer experience and what we can learn from superheroes about customer centricity. To delight our customers, we can look at customer centricity as a form of leadership to take the customer experience to a new level. Some of the best leaders we can learn from are superheroes. They inspire us and gain our trust through their heroic deeds. However, things don’t always go smoothly for superheroes either, because they take risks and test their limits – which is why there is a chapter of failure in most heroic stories. Everything else would be rather boring, wouldn’t it? But the next chapter is exactly what inspires people. Because it shows us how we can learn from mistakes and from testing out new things.

This is exactly where a good user experience comes in, which is critical for success – especially in the current times as our entire life is geared towards “social distancing”. A successful UX brings you closer to your customers since they feel understood when your digital products are tailored to their needs. However, this doesn’t suddenly work from one moment to the other. To achieve an exceptional UX, you too must become a superhero and follow the “test & learn” approach. This is the only way to make your next chapter an inspirational one for your customers.

The Digital Thinkers Forum will host two keynotes, followed by a closing panel discussion on the highlights and takeaways. Our speakers Laura Fleming Schulte and Barra O’Leary will take you on an inspiring journey and show you how you too can learn from superheroes and thus become a hero yourself for your customers. Register now for free, we look forward to seeing you there!


16:30            Speaker Laura Fleming Schulte

17:00            Speaker Barra O’Leary

17:20            Panel Discussion

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Our breath-taking speakers

Laura Fleming Schulte

Laura Fleming Schulte is a graduate of Stanford University and IE University who provides trust-based go-to-market strategy for B2B tech innovators. Laura’s career has taken her through the booming ecosystems of Silicon Valley, Munich, and now Florida. Since a DAX IPO in 2015, she works independently with visionary founders to build trust with a powerful mix of customer-centric differentiation, personal narrative, and thought leadership. Laura’s own fascination with innovation ecosystems began with her studies of Renaissance Florence, Italy.

Barra O’Leary

Barra O’Leary obtained his M.Sc. in Interactive Media from University College Cork in Ireland in 2020 where his research focus was the design and development of a student health intervention application for third level university students. Barra began his career in tier 2 support project management roles in Amazon as well as an internal UX tester for Apple. Barra has been with Testbirds since 2018 where he delivers usability tests and consults with clients on their UX research goals.

Digital Thinkers Forum | Keynote Highlights

With Julius van de Laar and Gerriet Danz
On October 28, 2020 we hosted an exciting event to learn about and discuss innovation and communication in a rapidly changing digital world that affects all aspects of our lives – from the secrets of US political campaigns to the innovation culture of Silicon Valley.

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