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In support of peace


In support of peace

Willy Brandt

“Peace is not everything, but without peace, everything is nothing.”

We stand with Ukraine and call for an end to this devastating conflict.

Effective immediately, and in solidarity with hundreds of other businesses around the world, we are suspending our operations in Russia.

Alongside millions of others, we are horrified and heartbroken about the attack on the democratic nation of Ukraine and the ongoing and needless suffering of its people. Their right to safety, freedom, and independence is beyond question.

We cannot ignore this tragedy.


Photo by Matti from Pexels


Photo by Katie Godowski from Pexels

The power of people

As an organization that utilizes over 1,000,000 crowdtesters in 193 countries, we strongly believe in the power of people to bring about positive change. Our values revolve around community. This is why we are committed to using what influence we have, our global presence, and our people to push for immediate peace. Not only for the people of Ukraine, but for all people who do not support this war and who are also suffering.

Sadly, we know that sanctions will affect them. But we cannot be a loophole that enables money and resources to be used by the Russian government to support such aggression.

We dearly hope that very soon it will be possible to continue working with our valued Russian partners, colleagues, and clients.

Supporting those in need

In the first 12 days of this war, over 2 million people have fled Ukraine. Many thousands have been directly impacted by attacks on their cities, and hundreds of men, women, and children have been killed. As more cities are targeted by Russian forces, this will sadly increase.

We must help all people that are impacted, whether as refugees fleeing across borders, or those struggling to survive throughout Ukraine.

As such, along with our suspension of business in the Russian Federation, we are offering our Ukrainian testers monetary assistance during this challenging time.
We also encourage our 1,000,000 crowdtesters to consider donating to their preferred charity or non-profit organization. For those living in affected countries, we are doing all we can to assist them through this challenging time, while also requesting, for those who can, to consider using their homes to shelter refugees.

Together, we hope to send a strong message of condemnation to the Russian government over these actions and help ensure the safety of people throughout the Ukraine.

As a business and as individuals, we know this is the right thing to do. We stand with Ukraine and alongside all Russians who are calling for this war to end. May that day come quickly.

Until then, we will do everything we can to support the people of Ukraine until their freedom and safety are restored.


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