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Successful applicants for positions at Testbirds need to be highly motivated. We work in a dynamic and passionate manner and we expect the same from all new Birds who strive to be a part of our nest. We are constantly working on providing our employees with the best working environment we possibly can. We focus on teambuilding and encourage flexible working hours with enough leeway to compensate for stressful periods. It is our belief that a team can only be great if all individual members are comfortable. Below you can learn everything about the advantages that come with a position at Testbirds and how Mareen, Thais, and Andrew experience life as a part of our Nest.

Meet Christine and Stefanie, our recruiters

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Birds love a comfortable nest

The Testbirds office in Munich is a feel-good zone. We provide our birds with a lounge equipped with a foosball and ping pong table, a PlayStation, a comfortable couch, bean bags, free beverages and a huge selection of fruits.

All of that is available during and after working hours, so our office often turns into a great place to grab an after-work drink. Our lack of a formal dress code also ensures that you can flex your foosball muscles to full capacity (except when you have client contact of course).

What was lacking in our nest for a long time? An office dog! Luckily, we finally found him. However, Benchi is searching for some more pack members.

In our team, there are not only early birds (such as Kathrin, Daniel or I), but also a few real night owls. Therefore, it’s very convenient that our nest has flexible working hours. Sometimes even I use them if I stayed a little later the night before.

Mareen H.

Birds like to chirp/tweet

Open communication is one of our core values. Thanks to meetings, chats over coffee, status updates, and our intranet it’s always transparent who is working on what, no matter where and when he/she is working on it, since flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home are an important part of a job at Testbirds.

Our communication methods reflect our flat hierarchy paired with self-leading. Other than “stopping by someone’s office” there are regular appointments, such as “open door” sessions, where you can ask our founders questions or give them feedback and suggestions.

Writing block? For me, the only thing that helps is a quick game of foosball with colleagues.

Maxi S.

Birds fly in a swarm

The whole Testbirds team regularly takes part in excursions called Birds Fly-Outs. Approximately four times a year we spend some time together and grow closer as a team. This can take place at a weekend in the mountains or a day at Oktoberfest.

Each individual department also has a teambuilding budget. Twice a year they can leave the nest and spend time with their colleagues, for example at an observatory or sledding. Additionally we have a number of spontaneous events throughout the year, such as movie nights in the office or LAN parties.

There is always something going on after work at Testbirds. During the summer it’s common to go to the park or beer garden. In winter we have a movie night or visit the Christmas market. I just landed in Germany and started at Testbirds and quickly became a part of our flock.

Thais S.

Birds like to evolve

Birds are curious and like to learn from their very first day. During the onboarding process, they already get to know all of our individual departments.

Regular feedback talks support and accompany the development process of our Birds. Furthermore, we invest in the skills and continuing education of each Bird – e.g. in terms of in-house or external seminar and workshops.

We also learn as a swarm. In our Bird University sessions, employees get the chance to show what they are capable of in a workshop environment where everybody has a chance to present something they would like the other birds to know about. This can be their personal favourite top ten keyboard shortcuts or best practices when dealing with clients.

In order that Testbirds evolves as a company like each Bird, we’re constantly striving for improvement and innovative ideas. These can be brought in through different ways from each Bird and executed across departments and positions in task forces and workstreams.

In sales it’s extremely helpful to exchange experiences, nationally and internationally. Also, you don’t lose connection with the Birds in the other offices, which I personally find very important.

Andrew M.

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