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Ecommerce or electronic commerce is refering to all online services that sell or buy products on the Internet. Testbirds Services in the area of Usability & UX are helping e-com companies to optimize their customer experience and conversion rates through user testing with a crowd of testers – also known as crowdtesting. Our Quality Assurance services are helping ecommerce platforms and online stores and shops to provide a flawless, bug-free environment for their clients ans users. Read more about how we can help optimizing your customer journey with our crowdtesting services.

Testing Websites & Online Shops

Testing Websites & Online Shops

Testing Websites, Online Shops and Portals Optimize the digital experience of websites, e-commerce or webportals for your customers today. Better User Experience means better Conversion Rate means higher ROI HOW CAN TESTBIRDS SUPPORT YOU IN OPTIMISING YOUR WEBSITE, more

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