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Crowdtesting is the outsourcing of software testing to an international online community.
Crowdtesting basically means – optimising the user-friendliness, usability and functionality of your digital products e.g. apps, websites, IoT, Chatbots using the collective knowledge of a global online community, the crowd.

The Crowd helps on the most common issues within software testing -heterogenity of devices and operating systems, number of available ressources as well as time pressure.

Digital Hackathon: #WirvsVirus

Digital Hackathon: #WirvsVirus

Last week, over 43,000 people from Germany took part in the digital hackathon #WirvsVirus to tackle challenges related to the Coronavirus. For 48 hours, participants were working on over 1,000 projects simultaneously to address topics relating to economy, society,...read more

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