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The automotive industry is rapidly changing. Vehicles are becoming part of a driver’s digital world and alongside their smartphones, smart homes, and connected lives, they’re expected to provide a similar experience.

Our flexible automotive testing services can help ensure that your digital solutions provide a great in-car experience and deliver a big competitive advantage.

The Challenge The Solution

72.7% of EV drivers will plan their routes and charging stations in advance, either the day before or on the morning of their trip.
43.8% of EV drivers rated reliability as the most important aspect of a public charging station, in terms of its functionality and consistency.
87.5% of EV drivers plan on using their EVs for more than 2 years.
Bosch ConnectedWorld

Successfully building connected apps for two-wheelers

Watch our video as Jann Kirchhoff, Product Success Manager ConnectedRide, BMW Motorrad shares how crowdtesting, together with Testbirds, helped BMW Motorrad validate, test, and optimize their apps and digital services with their customers.


The future of the digital in-car experience

The challenge

Creating high-quality customer-centric digital experiences

The automotive software market is expected to grow 250 percent by 2030. This highlights the ongoing – and growing – trend of customers expecting high-quality in-car experiences. It is quickly becoming a key factor when selecting a vehicle.

Meeting such expectations, however, is no easy task. Especially when juggling increased technical complexity and connectivity with a user-friendly interface.

Knowing that your solutions work in the real world while creating a positive experience is essential.

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Why someone buys a particular vehicle is highly personal. For many, it comes down to the range of little things that somehow make a big difference. When they sat in the car and took it for a drive, was the experience the right one? Could they make the car a Wi-Fi hot-spot? Were they able to easily stream music from their smartphone? Did it have voice commands? Lane departure warnings? Does it scan road signs and tell you the speed limit? Can their insurer receive milage and driving behavior data to help lower their premiums? Can they locate and unlock the car via their smartphone? It’s an endlessly diverse checklist.

Knowing your solutions work as intended is one thing but finding out what makes a wonderful experience is an equally big challenge. But getting it right can help create a loyal and long-term customer.

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The solution

Crowdtesting helps drive engagement

Our customer journey testing is based on our years of experience in testing digital solutions for the automotive industry and across a range of other industries, including banking, retail, and manufacturing. By taking an in-depth consulting approach, we help develop crowdtesting solutions that perfectly fit any need. Whether it’s ensuring a product is secure, usable, functional, and compatible with third-party solutions, or even to simply see if people enjoy using it.

Our primary goal is to help you develop solutions that your customers will love.

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This includes making sure that any in-car systems work correctly and seamlessly when the driver or passengers use an OEM-developed or third-party app to access various features. Regardless of the device or operating system that they are using.

A significant advantage Testbirds has is the ability to source from our 1,000,000+ crowdtesters in 193 countries to find the ideal drivers with the exact vehicles and devices that you want to test with. All on actual roads in every condition required to provide real feedback.

Our Crowd can also test any digital solution at any time of the year to help ensure that it’s correctly translated, customized, and localized to best fit the region(s) you want to do business in – anywhere in the world. Test an SUV for winter? No problem. A motorbike for summer. All good! As customer needs and wants change and technology evolves, you must ensure that your products stay up to date and relevant.

Crowdtesting is an essential tool to let you create a truly seamless and consistent customer experience.

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Actual drivers, tangible results

Whether you’re working on a next-generation entertainment system, a black box that records everything the vehicle does, or putting together a human-machine interface, you need to know that your digital solution works as intended, is safe, and that physical and ‘over the air’ updates don’t impact the driver’s experience. But in lab conditions, such automotive software testing can be difficult, expensive, and open to bias. By using impartial testers, who directly resemble your intended customers and who conduct in vehicle testing, you can fix issues well before your product is released, discover areas for improvement, and optimize everything to provide a digital solution your customers will love.

This is what our crowdtesters have already done for our clients and what they can do for you.

The future is electric

We thoroughly test the e-mobility features of your latest apps, including data on the charging process, the charge state, and the vehicle’s estimated range.

A real-world experience

By putting automotive manufacturers and digital developers into contact with our crowdtesters – in their own vehicles – we ensure your in-car experience is optimized.

Digital consulting service

With our end user testing expertise, we can help develop the best QA and testing strategy, while working directly with you at all stages of the development cycle.

How we’re helping to deliver the ride of a lifetime

The future is electric: Moving with the times

As digital solutions become more tightly integrated with a vehicle’s multiple systems and need to connect with a wide range of third-party products, the data being displayed must be accurate. This was the challenge that a major German automotive manufacturer set us when testing the e-mobility features of their app.

Specifically, that the data the driver received was as correct as possible.

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Using their own cars and devices, our testers used their app to ensure that the information received, such as when the battery needed charging or how much time was left for charging, was accurate.

Additionally, they checked that worked correctly on a variety of charging stations and gave all the relevant information, such as where they were located and if they were avaible.

Being able to directly check the accuracy of the data displayed in their app meant that they could release a solution that directly benefitted its users.

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A real-world experience: Secure, safe, and connected

One of the great advantages of crowdtesting is the ability to complement both your manual and internal testing, and test automation solutions. For our automotive clients, this has seen us test networking setups – from voice systems and connected motorcycle helmets – to remote software upgrades and over-the-air updates.

Our crowdtesters also review functionality and usability topics, where updates are validated under real conditions with a dedicated and known team of carefully selected testers, not just random customers.

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This ability to test in real-world conditions is also highly beneficial when testing human-machine interfaces, any onboard apps (regardless of who develops them), and add-on services such as pre-booked functionality, including drive assistance, seat heating, and more.

By bringing automotive manufacturers and digital developers into direct contact with our crowdtesters (who are exactly like their customers) – in their vehicle – helps to ensure solutions are fully optimized, and work as intended, well before they are released.

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Digital consulting service: Complete driver assistance

Whether you need to test a new or existing product, our automotive testing services and experience in testing digital solutions for the automotive industry – whether apps, websites, Internet-of-Things devices, and much more – can help you develop products your customers will love. In 2019, our proven record in the industry saw us become a digital testing partner for the BMW Group.

From establishing a variety of test concepts that best suit your needs, to collaboratively working on new test ideas, even taking over your entire test management, our highly flexible and cost-effective project consulting can support you at every stage of your development cycle. Our expertise in developing crowdtesting solutions means we fully understand – and know how to mitigate – the challenges of testing digital solutions in real-world conditions.

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This means working closely together with you to fully understand your needs and develop a flexible testing solution that supports you and that seamlessly integrates with your existing internal processes. This often means sourcing a truly tailormade group of crowdtesters that closely match your specific requirements. Do you need motorbike riders who may also use a specific bike? Only drivers of electric or hybrid cars? Should they use certain devices?

Even if you would prefer to use your own testers, whether your employees, partners, even your existing customers, we can help support and train them, and make sure everything is set up properly, with our exclusive Bring-Your-Own-Crowd service.

Regardless of the people you need, or the type of digital testing you want, we can make it possible.

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How we support you

Planning for a great journey

Even before your customers start their engines, our scalable automotive testing services, including customer journey testing, can help ensure that your digital solutions are ready to go. From your website and automotive tech apps to your in-car innovations, our crowdtesters provide valuable insights so you can fully optimize your digital solutions.

Carefully selected testers/drivers match your market, vehicle, and the devices you want to test.
Receive real customer feedback so that the in-car experience is dependable, fully secure, and optimized.
Use our automotive testing services to ensure all digital products, including third-party apps, deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience.
As the frontrunner in e-mobility, we ensure that you can deliver reliable data on the entire charging process.

Real people, tangible results

Our crowdtesting services and consulting experience can help you fully understand your customer’s journey and help you develop digital solutions that match your customer’s driving needs clearly and understandably.

This is further embellished by our crowdtesters who are chosen to closely match your customers, drive the same vehicles, and use the devices they own. All in real-world conditions to help create the ideal user experience.


Build digital solutions that people will love

  • Global community of over 1,000,000 users & 1,500,000 devices
  • Cost-effectively optimize your product’s design and functionality
  • Ensure that your digital solution works with a wide variety of technologies and hardware
  • Hand-picked crowdtesters that match your customers

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