Testing Websites and Portals

What makes a website successful?

Can users orient themselves on your website or are they annoyed by the navigation system and switch to a competitor’s instead? Does your website communicate your brand or is the page confusing your target group?

All details such as headlines, colours, and text, regardless of their size, can be decisive to the success of your website. How is the usability of your web page? Is it effective, efficient and able to satisfy users? In 2003, Jacob Nielsen, a web usability expert, calculated an ROI (return on investment) of 135% on websites that have optimised and focused on usability.

Other than user friendliness, there are technical errors that can pose huge issues and affect online purchases, registrations and downloads. The broad spectrum of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), browser versions and display sizes (smartphones, tablets, desktop, etc.) can lead issues such as graphical errors or animations that don’t function on certain browsers. It’s equally necessary to assure that your website loads quickly.

The types of websites we test

Our tests match the type of website you have.

Classic websites

These contain pages that mainly provide information, such as company websites, blogs and online news sources.


Portals not only provide users with information, but also with a special login area and certain additional features. For example, a portal for a bank might include an online banking section while a gaming portal could include information regarding gamer profiles and provide varying degrees of access depending on experience.

Online shops

Amazon, e-bay, etc. Online shopping is gaining more and more popularity. Online shops mainly have one goal: to persuade users to purchase their products.

How can Testbirds help?

From prototypes to live websites, we support you in all stages of development:

  • Crowdtesting with over 250,000 testers allows you to select your exact target group
  • Over 450,000 devices cover all device and software combinations
  • Functionality and usability tests
  • Quality assurance through test automation
  • High quality standards and a client satisfaction rating of 9.2 out of 10

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

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