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Testing Wearables



Select your exact target group from a pool of over 300,000 testers


Usability/UX testing to predict your product’s success


Functionality testing under real world conditions


Quick feedback on your product


Experience due to past wearable tests

Take the quality of your wearables to the next level!

The challenge of marketing wearables

What are wearables?
Wristwatches, clothes and jewellery, thanks to the digitalization of these products they have become, “wearables”. The most famous example of this is the smart watch. By now, though, there are a number of other innovative wearables, such as t-shirts that measure your pulse. The opinions on how useful these objects are vary and manufacturers need to figure out if clients want this particular type of product?

Measure the market acceptance with crowdtests
To avoid flops and unnecessary marketing costs, crowdtesting can be used to measure whether or not the product will be successful with its intended target group prior to release. In addition, crowdtesting is available on an ad-hoc basis and cost-effective. Similarly, as important as predicting whether the market will accept your wearable is their functionality and user-friendliness. Does the smart T-Shirt stop working when users are sweating? Is your target group wary about purchasing a shirt because it’s not machine washable?

Our testing solutions for wearables

End-to-End Testing

Test your IoT application online & offline. The testers go through all the steps that the customer should take.

Remote Interviews

Unfiltered insights into users’ thoughts while testing your apps? Remote Interviews make this possible!

Exploratory Bug Testing

Our crowd tests your application for quality. It finds your bugs in real time and under real conditions.

Usability and UX Study

Ease of use is the key to success: Use the crowd to gather feedback on the usability of your application.

Start your first test now

Test and optimise your websites, apps, games, chatbots and Internet of things applications with the help of our innovative services

The types of devices we test

Smart watches & fitness trackers

Back in the day watches were made to tell the time. Nowadays, however, smart versions are becoming more and popular. Out of this trend, fitness trackers with sensors in wrist brands, chest straps and connected running shows have exploded on the marketplace.

Intelligent clothing

Nothing is impossible. There are t-shirts today that measure heart rate and socks that transmit how you walk. In short, our clothes are getting smarter and are able to transfer information wirelessly.

Smart glasses and VR headsets

Google glass and similar products are stepping towards augmented reality, where your computer is now a part of the world around you rather than a device of its own. Another promising product is virtual reality headsets that let users enter a completely new, virtual world.

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