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Testing mobile apps

Distinct apps attract attention 

Applications have to make a good impression when it comes to their functionality and usability. Unfortunately, extensive testing is often overlooked. This can lead to apps that don’t satisfy the necessities of their target group or that aren’t able to fulfil their purpose. The majority apps are therefore never used more than once. 

In addition, it’s important to assure that apps work on all relevant devices and operating systems and that they perform as they should. For example, it’s possible that some errors like crashes only occur on certain device combinations such as a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android version 4.4. However, few companies are able to access hundreds of different combinations of operating systems, browsers, software and devices that would allow them to test for such defects. 

The types of apps we test  

Native apps 

A native app has to first be downloaded from Google Play or the iTunes app store and then installed onto a device. The program, for example a calendar, often works with or without internet connectivity and is able to access a device’s hardware features (camera, microphone, etc.)

Web Apps 

This application looks like an app but is runs in browsers. It works on all kinds of devices but cannot access all hardware parts like native apps can. The mobile Facebook website is a well-known example of a web app that can be used without installation.

Hybrid apps

A hybrid app combines the advantages of native and web app. It works platform- and device-independent. Therefore there is only one version, that can be used browser based on smartphone and tablets with iOS, Android and Windows. In contrast to the web app, the hybrid app can also access hardware such as the GPS sensor. 

How can Testbirds help?

From prototype to release, we test in all development phases

  • Crowdtesting: Over 200,000 testers allow you to select your target group
  • More than 450,000 devices covers all browser and device combinations
  • Usability and functionality testing 
  • Tailored services such as competitor analysis
  • High quality standards and a client satisfaction rating of 9.2 out of 10

Deutsche Post

Test scope


Optimisation of the DocWallet App

Devices: desktop, tablet, smartphone

Test Object

iPad, iPad mini, Windows Desktop

Target group

Target Group

Consumers & Professionals between 18 - 38 years old

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