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Testing Games

Games need to captivate their players  

Games need to be fun to play. Aside from the main plot, it’s important that players understand the goal of a game and know how to achieve it. A great game is intuitive and captivating.

From a functionality view point, games have to be error-free. Are players able to install the app? Are the controls intuitive when using virtual reality headsets? Does a certain browser game function well on all browser versions?

Crowdtesting can be especially helpful when it comes to the gaming industry. Depending on the game’s requirements, the testing group can consist of unexperienced beginners and professional gamers, each testing on their own devices and providing unbiased feedback while recording all the errors they encounter.

The types of games we test 

In the last few years, casual games have steadily grown in popularity on the market. The casual player, however, often has completely different expectations than professional gamers.


The allure of casual games has drawn in many people who have very little to no experience with gaming. Still, the market offers extensive and complex games for the more experienced gamer. To make sure that every player of your target group is able to play your game, it’s important to ensure that usability is top notch and functionality is flawless.

Browser & Social Media Games

These kinds of games are developed for web-based browsers and are available on countless social networks and platforms – usually for free. 

Virtual Reality 

The application of virtual reality to the gaming industry is inspiring and exciting gamers and manufacturers everywhere. However, ensuring a good user experience in this field is particularly challenging. Do the senses in the virtual world function as they should? Is the game intuitive? One of the biggest challenges so far is dealing with virtual reality sickness. 

Smart TV games

Today’s TVs feature internet connections. This makes it possible to install certain games as apps. Additionally, there are games that can be streamed on TV screens. 

How can Testbirds help?

Testbirds supports you with all kinds of games through extensive testing.

  • Over 200,000 testers with and without gaming experience
  • Usability/UX testing that helps evaluate how your game will fare on the market
  • Testing functionality under real world conditions
  • Experienced project managers and UX experts
  • High quality standards and a customer satisfaction of 9.2 out of 10

BugAbility™ of an online game before release including remote usability videos

Test scope


2 qualitative and 7 quantitative questions and 5 remote usability videos

Devices: desktop, tablet, smartphone

Test Object

Tablets (iOS und Android)

Target group

Target Group

24 testers (BugAbility) + 5 testers (Remote Usability Videos)

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