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Target group

A good test design and target-oriented questions are essential for informative results. Selection of testers is just as important – which target group is needed to get an extensive and realistic evaluation of the tested product? Which criteria do you choose to select your testers and how do you access a crowd with very specific characteristics?

Target-group specific testing – the key to realistic results 

There have never been so many alternatives available to consumers than today. No matter if it’s about software on the free market or internal enterprise applications – the end user decides what prevails and what stays unused. Although in general flawless functionality and user-friendliness are the top goals for a successful digital product, there are some subtle differences in the choice of the right testing approach that depends on the target group.

Consumer Applications – the users decide if you succeed or fail 

The target group of a fitness app consists of sports enthusiasts who are open to innovative training methods, whereas the target group for online shops with children’s clothes contains mostly young mothers and grandparents. How do you identify the correct target group? By using over 60 demographic criteria you can adapt the Testbirds crowd to your needs and get feedback from your potential end user. 

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Enterprise Applications – employee acceptance and security of internal information  

A target group for software that is used only by employees or business clients should be comprised of the same people who intend to use it. This can reveal whether the program can be used in an efficient and intuitive manner. Additionally, including internal expertise at this stage can increase the understanding and acceptance of the potential business change. 

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