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Public Sector

Is the public sector user-friendly? 

Bureaucracy reduction and digitalisation are being increasingly prioritised. Whether it’s about internal platform for document management or Customer relation management systems – software applications that are used frequently and efficiently, all excel through intuitive usage and flawlessness. Also foundations and non-governmental organizations rely on serious and user-friendly web presences, because bugs or a bad user experience imply the risk of image damage.

Get the authorization  of the crowd with the help of our different testing services. Within a usability study or a functional test your target group can check if your software application is easy to use and compatible with all devices. We also offer unbureaucratic solutions for testing internal applications. With our Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™-approach for example your own employees and business clients become testers.

The reduction of bureaucracy through digitalization is commonplace in the public sector. Whether it is internal platforms for document management or customer relationship management systems, software applications that are used frequently and efficiently only excel when intuitive and flawless. Similarly, foundations and non-government organizations rely on serious and user-friendly online presences, as bugs or a poor user experience can damage an organization’s image. 

How can Testbirds help?

We support you with target group specific optimization of your software! 

  • Crowdtesting: select your target group from over 200,000 testers based on more than 60 characteristics
  • Cloud Technologies: Manual and automated Testing with the help of virtual machines
  • Internal applications with sensitive information? No problem for our Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™ approach
  • Knowledge of the public sector 
  • Flexible test design adapted to the your individual requirements 
  • Usability testing and quality assurance

Testing BayernAtlas

“Thanks to the valuable feedback by Testbirds we were able to improve the BayernAtlas.” 

Klement Aringer, president of the State Office for land surveying  and geographical information

Test scope


Exploratory usability test

Devices: desktop, tablet, smartphone

Test Object


Target group

Target Group

16 Bavarian testers between 20 and 41 years old

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