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The digital era of content 

Media and communication is being shaped by the internet in many ways such as news sites with or without paywalls, publishing houses and online libraries. Usually, these companies share the same goals: Inform and entertain. The need for them to establish long lasting relationships with their target groups is crucial to their success. Other than interesting content, users need to be able to easily use the websites and find their way around them quickly. In addition, they need to be free of functionality errors. Due to the fragmentation of devices, operating systems and software, this is especially challenging. 

Thanks to multiple projects with clients operating in the media industry, we have gained extensive experience on how to successfully optimise software in this sector. We are happy to consult you on an individual testing strategy consisting of crowd and cloud technologies.

How can Testbirds help?

We offer individual solutions for your products.

  • Crowdtesting: flexibly select your target group from over 200,000 testers
  • Access to more than 450,000 real devices
  • Cloud Technologies – manual and automated testing with virtual machines
  • Testing of infotainment offers such as news portals, news apps and media libraries
  • Feedback through questionnaires, videos and recommendations for further actions 
  • Flexible test design adapted to your exact testing needs
  • Usability/UX and functionality testing 

Testing a yellow pages app

Test scope


BugAbility™ Test with a focus on push notifications, compatibility and user-friendliness

Devices: desktop, tablet, smartphone

Testing Object

Smartphones and Tablets, iOS & Android

Target group

Target Group

Mixed testing group between 17 and 34 years old

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