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There are few industries where it’s as important to be up-to-date as in logistics.

Due to globalization, the science of transport, storage and turnover has developed into a highly complex field in which even small errors can have severe consequences.

This internationalisation poses a number of difficulties for software developers. Whether its inventory control systems, online tracking of individual shipments or information on public transport via an app, a high standard of functionality and security as well as a good user experience are key factors to the success of today’s software.

Testing 4.0 lets you take a shortcut to optimizing software. We offer flexible and innovative solutions to our clients that are adapted to their testing needs.

How can Testbirds help?

We create a good user experience for your clients.

  • Crowdtesting: select your exact target group from over 250,000 registered testers worldwide
  • Software knowledge of the logistics industry
  • Flexible test design adapted to your requirements
  • Usability testing and quality assurance

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