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When comes to websites and apps in the financial sector, users tend to be very sensitive and cautious of technology. Products such as online banking apps or insurance portals need to provide users with a sense of security. Malfunctions that can cause serious issues such as unwanted transactions or a lack of vital information can both lead to clients losing trust in digital products and, by extension, the companies behind them. Flawlessly functioning, informative and clear applications, on the other hand, establish trust between clients and companies.

It’s equally difficult to explain financial products to all clients in a simple manner when dealing with complex ideas such as the difference between derivatives and certificates. Intuitive usability of digital products allows complicated content to be easily accessed. When it comes to the finance and insurance industry, there are no compromises.

Testing 4.0, powered by crowd and cloud technologies, will support you with the optimization of your software. Trust in our testing services that are adapted to your individual requirements.

How can Testbirds help?

We support you in winning your clients’ confidence.

  • Crowdtesting: Select your exact target group from  over 250,000 testers based on more than 60 characteristics
  • Cloud solutions for virtual infrastructure, manual and automated, software as a service or on premises
  • Know-how in the finance & insurance industry
  • Flexible test design adapted to your testing requirements
  • Support with test design and evaluation by our experienced project managers
  • UX/Usability and functionality testing
  • Maximum data security and server hosting in Germany

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

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