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Cloud Technologies 

Automated testing, app distribution, the cloud makes this and much more possible!

Our cloud services and solutions are flexible, adaptable and cost-efficient

From storing data on online CRM’s to entirely virtualized software and hardware, cloud based services provide enterprises with numerous cost saving advantages through flexibility and scalability without requiring heavy investment. When it comes to software testing, cloud based technologies offer countless opportunities to improve functionality and deliver digital products to the market in an efficient manner with a focus on high standards of quality.

As a leader of innovative testing solutions, we have developed various unique services based on our clients necessities that aim to take the quality of software applications and products to the next level.

TestChameleon™ by Testbirds: a test infrastructure as a service

Virtualize your testing lab! By opting for our SaaS-solution, TestChameleon™, you are able to create completely virtualized test environments with endless combinations of mobile or desktop operating systems and software with just a few clicks. The process utilizes virtual machines to assemble the precise combinations of operating systems and software that you require. Thanks to a multitude of interfaces and plugins, additional software packages such as Java script and versions of Flash are available, as is our client’s own software or antiviruses. This is how highly scalable individual test environments are created in the cloud that match your exact needs and expectations. Would you like to reproduce an error that has been submitted by one of our crowdtesters, but lack the necessary device? Or perhaps you want to perform 100 test cases on 10 different desktop PCs over night? This and a lot more is easily achievable with TestChameleon™, which supports you in executing manual testing as well as complex automated tests thanks to APIs like Selenium, Appium, or Sikuli Test-Cases. In addition, it functions as a controlling and reporting tool by connecting various continuous integration tools such as Jenkins or Cruise Control.

In addition, you can always use the Global Real Device Network (GRDN). With this solution, you can directly access the Android smartphones and tablets of Testbirds‘ crowd, allowing you to test apps and websites by yourself under real world conditions. After an owner agrees to connect their device to the GRDN, you can use it via your own browser to perform manual or automated testing. Use the GRDN now to address the issues of platform fragmentation!

As a part of our Cloud Technologies you can choose between different service packages or receive individual offers that allow you to flexibly add the resources as the need arises. This way, there are no superfluous costs or maintenance work and you have access to the continuous enhancement of our services by our own development team. Data protection and security is our highest priority, therefore all our servers are hosted in Germany.

In addition, the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy in Germany supports TestChameleonTM and its development through research funds.

MyNest: Turn our platform into your platform! 

Our testing platform is unique and as flexible as the requirements of our clients are diverse. Due to high demand, our “Nest” is available as a Whitelabel solution, both in the cloud or on premises hosted on your company or your own servers. If you need a flexible platform for the internal testing of your beta products that enables you to process your projects in a quick and efficient manner, you can order a duplicate of our “Nest” using your own CI. The same applies for TestChameleon™ if you are looking to build up your own virtual infrastructure. This way you negate the high maintenance and development costs as you benefit from all the updates we perform on our platform. It’s the flexible licensing solution for enterprises that have a lot of testing needs.

App distribution: Share your (beta-) apps with BirdFlight™

Birdflight™ allows you to upload your iOS or Android apps to the cloud and conveniently share them with your testers, clients or employees, entirely free of charge. Our web service enables you to send applications to the exact people that are supposed to receive them, allowing your app to be tested during beta phase. With an online management tool you can create distribution lists and track downloads, inclusive of SDK for crash reports.

The advantages of our cloud services at a glance:

  • Modern technologies exclusively created by Testbirds
  • High scalability and individual configuration
  • Flexible, efficient and dynamic
  • No maintenance or development costs
  • Servers only hosted in Germany for maximum data security

Take the quality of your
applications to the next level!

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  • 6 Concurrent Slots
  • Share your own (beta-) Android apps using BirdFlightTM

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