Usability and UX Study

User-friendliness is the key to success in the oversaturated marketplace of digital products. A positive user experience is necessary to acquire new clients and retain the existing customer base. High levels of usability, or having intuitive and simple digital products, are essential. Gather invaluable feedback on the usability of your application by using Testbirds’ crowd and find out what’s stopping you from providing the best user experience possible!

The challenge: How does your target group experience your digital product?

Usability excels through the effective, efficient and satisfactory achievement of specific user goals (ISO9241-11). Whether a product fulfils its target group’s requirements is difficult for developers to determine. Operational blindness prevents companies from having an objective perspective and the requirements of end users are rarely evident. Therefore, a continuous comparison between your digital product and your end user’s expectations is necessary. Do the products and services match the brand? Is the online navigation structure intuitive and comprehensive? The access to the unbiased feedback of consumers, however, is often cost intensive and time consuming.

The solution: Optimisation of applications through the constructive feedback of your target group

Questions on a product’s user friendliness are best asked to end users themselves. Crowdtesting with Testbirds provide you with an unbiased testing group that matches your target group that thoroughly check the usability and/or user experience of your software. Be it websites, apps, wearables, games or smart devices, our testers determine how usable your software is under real world conditions and provide detailed feedback that helps you enhance quality. In addition, testing the entire user experience is possible and comes with multiple advantages, especially when looking at the e-commerce sector. The test investigates all aspects that contribute to a positive or negative opinion on your company from user’s expectations prior to visiting your online store, to the complete ordering process and the delivery of purchased items.

The Benefits of Usability and UX Study

  • Over 250,000 testers registered worldwide
  • Flexible test design adapted to your personal testing requirements
  • Usability tests as well as user experience studies
  • Ad-hoc availability of the crowd
  • Unbiased and honest feedback from your target group
  • Support and recommendations for action by our experienced project managers

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

How it looks in practice

An online mail order service for flowers and gifts needs feedback on the user experience of their services. To find out how satisfied their target group is regarding their website and ordering process, they approached Testbirds. Together with a project manager, they define a target group. 25 testers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland perform an extensive UX-Test. Based on the target group, 13 men and 12 women take part that are all over 25 years old and earn an annual salary of more than 38,000 euros. The test covers what users expect before visiting the website, what its usability is like, and the delivery process. Testers provide extensive qualitative feedback in a test report that is then collected and evaluated by Testbirds. The final report shows among other things that the user had issues deleting items from the shopping cart and that two parcels were damaged upon delivery. Using these results, the flower service can optimize its website and investigate whether the cause for damaged parcels is internal or whether it lies with the external delivery service.

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