Remote Interviews

Would you like to watch and communicate with your users while they are testing in real time? Testbirds’ Remote Interviews provides insight into your end user’s mind like never before!

The challenge: Gaining direct insight into testers’ minds

Nowadays, it is extremely important to perform comprehensive usability and user experience testing. To ensure accuracy, it is equally important for test participants to represent a digital product’s end users. While in some cases questionnaire-based research offers the best results, others require a more direct form of communication. How can you ensure testing is conducted by your own end users while receiving immediate and direct feedback during the testing process?

The solution: Remotely watch, communicate and guide testers during the testing process

With a crowd of over 250,000 testers who are segmented by 60 demographic choices, we are able to provide you with access to your end user to perform extensive and accurate testing of your digital products. Remote Interviews gives you further insight into your user’s mind and control over the testing process by allowing you to communicate directly with them and watch their actions over a conference call while they perform usability testing in real time. Test setup and execution of the interview can either be handled by yourself or by one of our expert project managers, based on your individual necessities. In addition, this flexible approach allows you to guide the testing process and readjust the test manuscript based on your tester’s feedback as it takes place. Finally, as you receive on the spot feedback, Remote Interviews are perfectly adapted to implement fixes to short and continuous development cycles. Take usability testing to the next level with Testbirds’ Remote Interviews.

Remote Interviews – Our USPs

  • Over 250,000 registered testers worldwide
  • Target group specific selection of testers based on 60 characteristics
  • Easy, direct and immediate communication with testers
  • Guide and redirect testers in real time to gain detailed usability feedback
  • Complete flexibility in regards to testing manuscript
  • Experienced UX consultants support you throughout the project

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

How it looks in practice

A major online retailer wants to learn more about the usability of their website. The company practices agile development in short sprints and therefore requires immediate feedback. With Testbirds’ help, a test design is created that consists of several use cases that guide target group relevant testers through the testing process. Together with an experienced UX consultant, a representative of the company watches and communicates with a participant in a conference call gaining immediate user experience feedback and guiding them as they complete the use cases and use their website. After the testing process, the company receives a recording of the session. These can then be taken into consideration for the following sprint.

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