Prototype Evaluation

No matter the product, prototypes are the first step towards the final result. In the digital market, that means creating a click-dummy that contains the first versions of designs and navigation structures. Testbirds can help you find out if they match your target group’s expectations. Let the crowd evaluate your prototype before the development phase takes place!

The challenge: What does your target group think about your idea?

Prototypes are the conceptual phase of a digital product. The development stage comes after, where not only a lot of time but also financial and personal resources are invested. Uncertainty is a huge matter to contend with. Will the product be accepted by the target group? Does the concept match the user’s requirements? Is the design appealing? Are there better alternatives? Above all, it’s difficult to predict what your clients will think about your product. Operational blindness makes it nearly impossible for an unbiased view on your software, risking missing important details and developing an unsuccessful product.

The solution: Constructive feedback from your target group prior to the development stage

A crowd-based evaluation of your prototype helps avoid the risk of making a bad investment. The tester group, which is selected according to the demographic criteria of your target group, examines prototypes on their own devices for user-friendliness and provides constructive feedback. This is how the end users reveal whether a website or app’s design or concept has the potential to be successful. Based on the results gathered, recommendations that enhance your digital product can be integrated into the development process. By using the crowd at such an early stage, you can start off on the right foot and have a significant advantage over your competitors.

The Benefits of Prototype Evaluation

  • Over 250,000 testers registered and selected based on over 60 criteria
  • Wireframe, mockup, click dummy – flexible test design adapted to your requirements and development stage
  • Support by experienced project managers
  • Honest and unbiased feedback from your target group
  • Ad-hoc availability of the crowd
  • Test under real conditions with no artificial environments

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

How it looks in practice

The anniversary of a beverage manufacturer led them to plan an app to accompany the events and campaigns that were scheduled to take place. The concept was already there: the user would be able to edit photos and participate in raffles. The beverage manufacturer invested in Testbirds’ Prototype Evaluation to check for usability issues using the crowd. 30 target group specific testers were asked to examine the click-dummy on their own devices and give their opinions on its design and navigation. According to the final report, the results showed that while the graphic design was well received, the font colour should be a higher contrast than the background to make it easier to read. Testers noted that the raffle procedure should be visualized more clearly, as some of the users were unable to identify the status of their participation. Those insights were taken into consideration when creating the app and approved by the crowd in a follow-up test, setting the company up for success before development had even taken place.

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