Pre-App Store Rating

Once an app is on the market, it’s not long before the first ratings are released. In this competitive environment, what counts is high functionality and usability quality. By performing a crowd-based pre-app store rating, Testbirds allows you to evaluate your target group’s opinions, just like they would in the app store, without the risk of public exposure.

The challenge: Does the finished application fit the target group’s needs?

Developing an app that is ready for the market is a costly and time-intensive task. For it to be profitable and successful, the app store rating needs to be high as recovering from poor ratings can be a difficult endeavor in the oversaturated marketplace of apps. Ensuring that the app is rated highly and used by consumers prior to release is invaluable. But how can a development team find out what end users think about their product? To find a group of testers that meet the exact criteria of your target group can be time consuming and cost intensive. In addition, real world conditions are needed to gather honest and unbiased feedback, which is only achievable outside of artificial environments and without the risk of operational blindness. A final confirmation from consumers is often not a possibility and small issues can be overlooked in internal testing.

The solution: Predict your app’s rating with the help of the crowd!

A fast and flexible solution to receiving an app store rating prior to launch is crowdtesting. From a pool of over 250,000 testers, a testing group can be selected who exactly match the characteristics of your consumers. Using their own devices they recreate what happens in the app store by exploring the application on their own and giving it a star-based rating including a comment that justifies their opinion. The crowd is accessible on an ad-hoc basis and can be used on short notice. Whether you evaluate the results yourself using our Self Service option or you allow one of our experienced project managers to assist you in our Managed Service, at the end you will receive a result that represents what rating your app will receive in the app store. By taking this precaution just before release, you are able to find out exactly what the crowd thinks about your product and optimize the quality of your software, securing your chances at success.

The Benefits of Pre-App Store Rating

  • Over 250,000 registered testers worldwide
  • More than 450,000 devices available
  • Fast and cost-efficient testing solutions
  • Flexible test design adapted to your individual requirements
  • Live tracking of the testing process on our platform, nest
  • Available as an add-on to our other testing services

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

How it looks in practice

An agency creating a new fitness app was looking to secure that it would be well received in the app store prior to launch. They opted for Testbirds’ Pre-App Store Rating service. A crowd of 100 testers were given access to the app. They fit the exact target group, which consisted of running enthusiasts between 18 to 40 years old. Using the app on their own diverse devices, after two days they came to a remarkable result: an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. The design and easy navigation were especially well received by the crowd. However, users also made helpful suggestions, such as changing to a bigger save icon for recording fitness achievements. After the test, nothing stood in the way of this fitness app’s success.

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