Usability and UX

Usability is a decisive factor to the success of your applications

If a website or application does not match the wishes of its user or if users are unable to easily fulfil the intended actions, alternatives offered by competitors are often just a click away. Seemingly small features like headlines or an image next to the “buy” button can have serious consequences. Therefore, aspects like menu navigation or text to image ratio can be hugely influential. Although developers and designers are experts when it comes to their company’s software and digital products, they are unable to provide an unbiased view due to operational blindness.

User surveys and interviews are an effort and cost intensive process and are therefore often left out of the development process. Testbirds can address this issue by gathering invaluable usability feedback from your customers.

How can Testbirds and crowdtesting help you?

We test apps, websites, Internet of Things devices, software and games. To test the usability of your digital products, we consult users from your target group in a structured manner by giving them typical tests in the form of uses cases that are performed under real world conditions. Be it the registration process of an online fashion store, testing the video features of a fitness app or checking the navigation function of public transport, with the crowd you can perform nearly every use case you can imagine. Is the target group of your fitness app male and between 18 to39 years old with higher education and from Spain and Portugal? We are able to give you access to the exact testers that fit your target group in our international crowd.

We have your target group and experience from over one hundred projects

The advantages of crowdtesting

  • Experienced in-house project managers
  • Detailed consultation throughout the project
  • Access to your target group
  • Test under real world conditions, no artificial environments
  • Final report with concrete recommendations for action after finishing the project

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