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Testing Environment

Hardware, operating systems, browsers, widgets – to perform software tests a testing environment is a necessity. When dealing with complex projects or test automation, it’s common to create a virtualised testing environment. Reduce configuration and maintenance costs with the help of our SaaS solution, TestChameleon™! 

The challenge: Endless combinations of testing environments and high costs 

When it comes to efficiency, effectiveness and quality, it’s impossible to imagine software development without test automation. To ensure complete coverage of your test scope, it’s important to not only focus on how your software functions but also to keep in mind the platform on which it will run (Windows, Android, iOS, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.) Additionally, there are many other interfaces such as Java or Flash that need to be taken into consideration. The possible combinations are nearly endless; therefore the creation of testing environments is time consuming and requires a lot of man power, two scarce resources in the world of software development. When it comes to extensive testing projects, test automation often creates the systems under test (SUTs) with the help of virtual machines. However, the cost of configuring and maintaining virtual environments is hardly lower than the real world alternative. Even when performing manual testing, virtual machines are used more often as no QA department is able to provide enough devices to cover the variety available on the market. 

The solution: TestChameleon™ – Cloud based Software as a Service

Test Automation

The SaaS solution TestChameleon™ was developed by us to enable you to easily and quickly create completely virtual testing environments containing endless device and software combinations. This omits the cost of maintenance and the creation of testing environments is completed quickly and easily, saving you money and resources. By using the web configurator you can select the number of virtual machines (VMs) with the operating systems and software you desire. Thanks to a variety of interfaces and plug-ins, all other software packages such as Javascript and Flash versions, as well as client software, virus scanners amongst much more can be added. This produces a highly adaptable customized testing environment that matches your requirements and expectations and takes place entirely in the cloud. Manual testing, such as the reproduction of a bug or testing for usability issues can be started on HTML5 Frontend. To completely support automation projects, at the moment we offer APIs for Selenium, Appium and Sikuli test cases. Once they have been integrated, the testing environment that is necessary for the project can be defined. This is how TestChameleon™ serves as a control and reporting tool for automated tests and can be connected to Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins or Cruise Control.

Global Real Device Network

With the Global Real Device Network (GRDN), you can directly access the Android smartphones and tablets of the Testbirds crowd, allowing you to test your apps and websites under real world conditions.

Once a device is connected to the GRDN, it is available to use through its own browser for manual and automated testing. Of course, device owners in the crowd have the possibility to limit access to their devices or to completely prohibit them. Use the GRDN now to address the issues of platform fragmentation!

The Benefits of Testing Environments

  • Unique tool for creating virtual environments
  • Maximum test coverage thanks to endless possible combinations of operating systems and software
  • Global Real Device Network (GRDN): Access to the real devices of over 200,000 testers
  • Detailed documentation
  • SaaS solution in the cloud with no maintenance cost 
  • Extremely fast, flexible and efficient
  • Over 2,500,000 combinations of devices, operating systems and software including your own software/app
  • Highly scalable and individually configurable
  • Automated and manual testing options
  • Server hosted in Germany for maximum data security

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How it looks in practice

The first version of our SaaS solution, TestChameleon, was created due to the challenges of our client Jumio. They were looking for a flexible tool to execute automated tests. The client, who specializes in identity management and has developed a safe method to scan credit cards and check personal information online, has trusted in TestChameleon for over two years now. Jumio performs its Selenium test cases on a dozen virtual machines on a regular basis to ensure that with every new release their software consistently meets their high standards.

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