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Check whether bugs and defects have been fixed

In exploratory bug testing, your software is tested with user stories and predefined tasks while still allowing testers to maintain the freedom to complete each step in their own way. Every detail of the testing procedure is documented by the crowd, giving you a concrete idea on how your application or website behaves on a variety of devices. This process of testing outside of laboratory environments helps discover the bugs that lead to the most common errors encountered after a product’s release. Our crowd features over 450,000 devices with a never-ending combination of operating systems and software. Our exploratory tests provide you with invaluable functionality feedback concerning your product from the point of view of your end user. With exploratory crowdtesting, operational blindness is a thing of the past.

Bug Approval

Test the system dependency of bugs

Bugs and defects found on a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.4.2 aren’t necessarily going to appear on a Google Nexus 6 with Android 5.0. The same applies to all variations in software. With our optional Bug Apprvoal add-on, bugs and defects are verified on all participating devices to check on which devices or operating systems they appear. Crowdtesters reproduce the bugs on their devices and report whether or not the bug appears in its known form, a different form or doesn’t appear at all. Clients receive a table showing the exact devices and operating systems that each bug has been found on.


 Include your employees or clients into the testing process

Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™ is our exclusive service for businesses whose software requires specific knowledge or contains confidential information and need to incorporate their own end users. You can also flexibly combine your own tester group with our crowd to benefit from the best of both worlds.

Find more information about Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™ on the Testbirds Exclusives service page.

VPN and Access Services

Our solutions for encrypted remote access to your test objects

Is your system or staging environment not directly accessible through the internet? Do you need to host your test objects on your own servers due to internal specifications and require an encrypted connection to your system? With virtual machines on our innovative cloud technology, TestChameleon™, we can provide you with an encrypted connection to our company and our testers using IP Whitelisting or IPsecTunnel. You fully control the access rights at all times. The configuration is conveniently and easily used via API or Web Interface. This allows you to securely share the test object hosted on your servers with our crowdtesters or use TestChameleon™’s virtual machines to perform automated or manual tests.

Private Secure Crowd

We test in full accordance with your companies’ security regulations

Security is of utmost importance to Testbirds. All of our testers need to accept our extensive terms and conditions which oblige them to respect the confidential and sensitive nature of the projects they participate in. In addition, our clients have the possibility to let testers participate in projects that require explicit NDAs. If necessary, testers can also verify their passports online or using PostIDENT. To make sure that information about your products can only be seen by testers who are a part of your chosen testing group, we have made certain arrangements on our platform. This way, test invitations and admissions to your projects can be run without the need for anonymized content.

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

The Nest

Test websites, apps or Internet of Things applications with the help of our innovative technologies

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