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Testing Add-ons

Flexibly add onto our Quality Assurance and Usability & UX testing solutions based on your individual requirements!

Our Service Add-ons


Check whether bugs and defects are fixed – in every iteration

Test, fix errors and test again – quality assurance of software applications is a multistage process. Rely on our crowd to examine whether the bugs found during exploratory or structured testing have been resolved.
Our add-on “Re-test” is the perfect fit if you want to test and re-test in every iteration and fits well to every development approach.

Our additional Add-Ons


Private Secure Crowd

We test in full accordance with your companies’ security regulations


VPN & Access Services

Our solutions for encrypted remote access to your test objects.

Security is of utmost importance to Testbirds. All of our testers need to accept our extensive terms and conditions which oblige them to respect the confidential and sensitive nature of the projects they participate in. In addition, our clients have the possibility to let testers participate in projects that require explicit NDAs. If necessary, testers can also verify their passports online or using PostIDENT. To make sure that information about your products can only be seen by testers who are a part of your chosen testing group, we have made certain arrangements on our platform. This way, test invitations and admissions to your projects can be run without the need for anonymized content.

Is your system or staging environment not directly accessible through the internet? Do you need to host your test objects on your own servers due to internal specifications and require an encrypted connection to your system? We can provide you with an encrypted connection to our company and our testers using IP Whitelisting or IPsecTunnel. You fully control the access rights at all times. The configuration is conveniently and easily used via API or Web Interface. This allows you to securely share the test object hosted on your servers with our crowdtesters.

Remote testing – Secure, fast, and fully flexible access to our global crowd

Your testing projects can be realized fully remotely and without physical interaction – our remote testing services offer a fast turnaround and make testers available across the globe.

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