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Smart Crowdtesting Solutions. Real Users. Real Devices. Real Impact. Crowdtesting lets you tackle bugs and optimize usability by gathering feedback from your end users and their hardware. This is how we test reality!

Testbirds Pricing Model

Our focus at Testbirds is always to provide our clients with the highest levels of satisfaction. In order to offer maximum flexibility to our many clients, we have created a special pricing model.


BirdCoins – our flexible testing currency
The basis for Testbirds’ pricing model lies in its own currency, known as “BirdCoins”. Once purchased, they can be spent flexibly on our entire crowdtesting service portfolio, which is clustered into three distinct groups: Quality AssuranceUsability and UX and Testbirds Exclusives. BirdCoins provide you with the opportunity to reorganise tests for new requirements while they are still running. Once purchased you can spent them flexibly – whenever you want. So you can adapt fully to changing project plans or timelines.
Depending on the complexity and effort needed for a particular testing project, a certain number of BirdCoins per tester and testing device is required.

1. What are BirdCoins?

The basis of Testbirds’ pricing model is its own currency, BirdCoins, which form a flexible subscription model that allows for full QA and UX test coverage. Once purchased, you can invest in over 20 different crowdtesting solutions across a variety of service levels, ranging from purely using our platform to a fully managed testing process with a dedicated, expert project manager.

2. How many BirdCoins will I need for my test?

The minimum tester setup of 10 testers references the lowest amount possible. Normally we recommend integrating more than the minimum required testers to increase the significance and amount of data that is generated. The recommended number of testers heavily depends upon the requirements of your digital products.
To give you an idea, have a look at our most frequently used offers:

Exploratory Bugtesting: Self-Service test with 20 testers for 100 BirdCoins.
Usability and UX Study: Self-Service test with 20 testers for 200 BirdCoins.
If you need further assistance, simply get in touch with us.

3. How much is one BirdCoin?

One BirdCoin is equal to 22€. However, we do offer a discount the more BirdCoins you buy.

4. Where can I buy BirdCoins?

One of the simplest ways to buy BirdCoins directly in the Nest. You will find a button on the upper right corner of the crowdtesting dashboard where you can then choose between a one time or recurring payment (monthly or yearly basis). Alternatively, you can contact us directly where we can guide you through the process. Our testing experts are happy to help and will make an individual offer that fits your needs.

5. Will BirdCoins expire after a certain time?

If you buy BirdCoins using our recurring plan (monthly or yearly basis), they are valid for the entire contract term. As soon as you cancel your contract, the BirdCoins expire with the last day of your term.

If you decided to buy BirdCoins without using a recurring plan, they will be valid for 2 months before they expire.

6. What is the difference between Self Service and Managed Service?

When choosing Self Service, test setup is done by you, with a quality check from one of our Project Managers. Also, test management, communication with the testers, and result analysis are in your hands. You can specify up to 3 devices and choose 4 out of 14 demographic filters.

With Managed Service, everything from test setup and test management, communication with testers, and result analysis is done by our Project Managers. You get unlimited device coverage and can select all 65 available demographic filters. For more information, have a look at our Service Levels Page.

7. Which payment methods do you accept?

We generally accept payments by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Maestro), debit card, direct invoicing and PayPal. Please note that depending on your country, different payment methods may be supported.

When you’ve subscribed to a monthly plan, payment will be taken monthly or rather needs to be paid monthly. When you’ve subscribed to an annual plan, the full amount for 12 months will be charged once at the beginning of the billing cycle or rather needs to be paid once at the beginning.

Please contact us for further information.


Service Levels – tailormade for your needs
Within our flexible pricing model you can also choose of 3 different service levels. Our service-level “Self Service” combines maximum flexibility and independence. You can start your test on our testing platform Nest on your own. Simply setup the test, monitor and analyse the test results on your own behalf – whenever and wherever your want.
Our service level “Managed Service” provides you maximum service and reduces the effort on your side. You simply handover your project to our experienced project managers and we setup, execute and evaluate the test for you. At the end you will receive a dedicated final report with all results plus tangible recommendations from us how to optimise your digital product.
Last but not least you can combine the benefits of Managed and Self-Service in our “Self-Service Plus” which provides a excellent mixture. Simply get in contact with us- we’ll find the right approach for your specific testing needs.

Our most frequently used crowdtesting products


 Exploratory Bugtesting

Exploratory Bugtesting ensures the functionality of your software across various devices with different software and browser set ups. Our Crowdtesters explore your software and test with user stories and predefined tasks – still allowing testers to maintain the freedom to complete each step in their own way. Every detail of the testing procedure is documented by the crowd, giving you a concrete idea on how your application or website behaves on a variety of devices. This process of testing outside of laboratory environments helps discover the bugs that lead to the most common errors.

Self-Service: Test setup with a minimum of 10 testers – only € 1100 (50 BirdCoins/one-off)

Managed Service: Test setup with a minimum of 10 testers – only € 2200 (100 BirdCoins/one-off)


Usability and UX Study

A Usability and UX Study supports you by gathering invaluable feedback on the usability of your application to find out what’s preventing you from providing the best user experience possible! Our crowd provides you with an unbiased testing group that matches your target group that thoroughly checks the usability and/or user experience of your software, website or mobile app.

Managed Service: Test setup with a minimum of 10 testers – only € 4400 (200 BirdCoins/one-off)



A BugAbility™ Test combines the best of Exploratory Bugtesting and Usability and UX Studies by giving you the opportunity to both test the functionality of your software and receive feedback on the usability of your software with the help of our crowd. Our crowdtesters search for bugs and defects in even the most remote corners of your software. Thanks to over 65 demographic characteristics, we are able to select exactly the testers that criteria of your target group. This way, you are able to receive feedback about the user-friendliness from your potential end consumers.

Managed Service: Test setup with a minimum of 10 testers – only € 3300 (150 BirdCoins/one-off)


This is how Crowdtesting works
Crowdtesting – easy, smart and secure. This Video describes how our pricing model works and how we help our clients to optimise their digital products. Smart testing – testing reality.

Otto - Exploratory

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Exploratory Bug Testing
“By crowdtesting on the right devices with the right browser versions and operating systems, Testbirds helps us deliver more customer-friendly websites and keep them customer-friendly (…) We have a continuous process of change, adjustment and improvement. Testbirds offer their testing solutions with the same flexibility and agility, which made us decide to embed their testing services continuously into our development cycle.”
Corny van de Wal, Team Manager Shop Development & Production


“After we came to the conclusion that internal testing simply is not enough for us anymore, we decided to do Crowdtesting. If the product reaches a certain degree of complexity, internal testing requires too many resources. Furthermore, unbiased testers find mistakes, which would remain undiscovered otherwise.”
Manuel Haug, Head of Product Management Core at Celonis



USABILITY & UX: Usability & Vergleichsstudie
“The results of the A/B comparison UI test for content discovery on VEON had a direct impact on the platform and business and we are grateful for Testbird’s efforts. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”
David Kane, Director of Editorial Content, VEON

Landal GreenParks

USABILITY & UX: Usability & UX-Study
“Working with Testbirds led to us professionalising our testing process, as it forced us to critically examine our own testing structure.(..) It’s a powerful addition to our development process.”
Lieven Swinnen, Manager e-Business Landal GreenParks

Deutsche Telekom

“The communication between Telekom, Testbirds and the client development department was very helpful. With the aid of Testbirds we were able to identify and fix bugs as well as gather deep and direct feedback from our customers, which we wouldn’t have found otherwise.”
Michael Gater, Service Launch Manager, Deutsche Telekom




Solution Consultant QA & UX

Do you have questions about our crowdtesting services or our service-levels? Would you like to have more information on how we can help you make your digital products even better? Just send us a message, one of our Solution Consultants will be happy to get in touch with you.

Remote testing – Secure, fast, and fully flexible access to our global crowd

Your testing projects can be realized fully remotely and without physical interaction – our remote testing services offer a fast turnaround and make testers available across the globe.

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