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Price Overview - Cloud

We have the right package for all your individual needs. 

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Your advantages

  • 30 days
  • Unlimited Manual Testing on endless combinations of mobile and desktop operating systems and software with just a few clicks
  • 1800 Automation Minutes on VMs & Emulators
  • Remote Access to Real Devices
  • 60 Minutes of Manual Testing on Real Devices from real people of our Global Real Device Network (GRDN)
  • 6 Concurrent Slots
  • Share your own (beta-) Android apps using BirdFlightTM

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    1. How does the subscription plan work?

    Hours expire at the end of the month and it is not possible to roll over to the next month.

    You can also upgrade your plan at any time and it will start immediately. Charges will also apply immediately. If you downgrade, your new plan starts from the next billing cycle. If you want to change your plan, please contact us online or call +44 203 129 5012. We will review your current usage plan and recommend the best subscription package for your testing requirements.

    2. Are all plans auto-renewed? What if I decide I want to cancel?

    Yes, all Testbirds plans are auto-renewed no matter the subscription plan – monthly or annual – you have. You can cancel your subscription with at least one months notice.

    3. Which payment methods do you accept?

    We generally accept payments by credit card (Visa, Master¬Card, Maestro), debit card and PayPal.

    When you’ve subscribed to a monthly plan, payment will be taken monthly. When you’ve subscribed to an annual plan, the full amount for 12 months will be charged once at the beginning of the billing cycle.

    For annual plans we also accept direct invoicing. Please contact us for further information.

    4. What is a concurrent slot?

    In Manual Testing, concurrent slots indicate the number of users who can use the Manual Testing product at the same time. For example, if you purchase a package with 4 concurrent slots, 4 members of your team can use the product simultaneously.

    In Automation Testing, concurrent slots indicate the number of automated tests that can be run simultaneously. Each parallel test is run on one browser-OS combination or real device at a time. The more parallel tests, the faster you can complete a full test suite. That means, for example, that 100 hours of testing can be done in 10 hours using 10 concurrent slots.

    5. What additional benefits are a part of the enterprise package?

    The enterprise package contains a private cloud in which, in comparison to the public cloud, the used hardware is assigned to a specific client and not shared among clients. Furthermore, the enterprise package offers a snapshot functionality, further customisation (e. g. scripting etc.), reservation of real devices, full control of real devices, premium security and automatically pre-installed software packages using silent installer (msi, dmg, pkg, exe, .apk, .ipa).

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