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Development and QA

There’s always too much to do with too few resources. Development and QA professionals are the ones building your solutions and ensuring they work.

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In a nutshell

How can Testbirds help you optimize your QA team's output?

With tight deadlines, constant testing, and aggressive competition, they’re under intense pressure to deliver the goods. With more time and freed-up resources, they can focus on what they do best: innovating and delivering high-quality, bug-free solutions.

Over 1,500,000 devices cover all hardware and software combinations
High-quality standards and a client satisfaction rating of 9.2 out of 10
Quality assurance through a variety of bug tests
Individual test design – adapted exactly to your test requirements
The Challenge

Too much to do and not enough time to do it

When there’s a mountain of work to get done, as deadlines get shortened, and resources become strained, it’s no surprise that delivering a polished, error-free product is nearly impossible.

Especially when this is compounded by last minute changes, the inevitable – and critical risk of requirements volatility, and even a lack of knowledge as requirements, tools, and team members change. How do you test everything when there’s constant changes and not enough people?

Developers want the time and resources to truly innovate while QA specialists want to ensure a bug-free product that works in all the situations it is meant for – while clearly meeting the needs of its target audience. Innovation, quality, and delivering true impact, however, don’t have to be sacrificed when quickly bringing a product to market.

The Solution

Expand your perspective for real impact that delivers customer satisfaction across all channels

A single error, difficult navigation, non-user-friendly interface, all that (and much more) can mean a customer never uses your product again. A good reason that one in five apps are only used once.

The stakes are high to get it right – the first time – and this means developers and QA professionals need breathing space to give their best. Not only to build, and share, their knowledge, but to focus on finding and fixing security holes and product-breaking issues. To learn latest technologies and consider all OS and device iterations. To fully understand what your customers want and expect.

None of which can be adequately done without time. This is where a new perspective about testing can make a measurable difference. Early testing and constant checks throughout the development lifecycle can be done using Testbirds’ proven crowdtesting services, freeing up their time to collaborate, innovate, and deliver outstanding quality.

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Our services for Dev & QA teams

We offer a wide range of solutions to make your digital channels perform as you planned.

Usability and UX Test

Collect invaluable feedback on the usability of your applications with the help of the Testbirds crowd.

Exploratory Bug Testing

Our crowd tests your app’s functionality – under real conditions and on their own devices.


Check the functionality of your app’s with the crowd and get feedback on usability with our unique all-in-one service.

Moderated User Sessions

Want unfiltered insights into users’ thoughts while testing your apps? Moderated User Sessions make this possible.


We provide you with the latest insights from the world of crowd testing

Stop guessing if your product meets the expectations of your users and start making decisions based on facts.

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Stop guessing, start testing


Real user insights that perfectly match your target group.

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Credit-based pricing: Full budget control with our own flexible currency – BirdCoins.

Fair tester

We provide fair working conditions for our testers (Code of Conduct).


UX & QA crowdtesting services for all industries and use cases.

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