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Crowdtesting for Design and UX Teams

The customer may not always be right, but they know what they like. When a product is designed with what you ‘think’ they need, rather than truly knowing what they want, problems are inevitable.

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How can Testbirds help your Design and UX Teams?

Design and UX teams need to ensure that products are easy-to-use, intuitive, and that expectations are met – if not exceeded. That means truly knowing your users.

Crowdtesting with over 1,000,000 testers lets you select your exact target group
Over 1,500,000 devices cover all hardware and software combinations
Individual test design – adapted exactly to your test requirements
Functionality and usability tests
The Challenge

Knowing what makes your users tick

Whether worrying about OS fragmentation, A/B testing errors, or that users aren’t getting what they want, like, or need, the challenges facing designers and UX specialists can be complex and difficult to resolve.

Especially when faced with tight deadlines, knowledge gaps, and dwindling resources. Today’s products must balance the fine line between functionality and providing an exceptional experience. That means products must be optimized to deliver exceptional ease-of-use, flexibility, and value for the customer while meeting your business’s goals.

This can only be done by removing guesswork and discovering deep insights into how people use your product and where all their pain points are. Only then can developers and UX specialists deliver world-class user experiences.

The Solution

Gain invaluable user insights to optimize your digital products

“Good design is good business.” – Thomas Watson, Jr. Former CEO of IBM.

You’re using a user-centered design process. You’ve done your market research, you’ve interviewed every stakeholder, built a fantastic strategy based on user needs and business objectives. Defined specifications and requirements and put together your multilayered design. Even your visual design looks rock solid.

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But once user testing starts, everything falls apart. The navigation isn’t intuitive. Content is confusing. There are too many ads. You want too many personal details. The list may be very extensive, and ultimately, at this late stage, it isn’t the user who should be finding problems.

When it comes to finding out exactly what your users want, the best thing is involve them early on and throughout development. With crowdtesting you can quickly fine-tune the user experience and extract maximum business value by using real people in real-world conditions.

If there are issues that may impact your product, they can be caught early, and fixed well before final release. Your teams will then have more time to focus on process (and product) optimization, stay up-to-date on latest tech and trends, and even be able to build a better alignment between themselves and developers. This can only result in better products that deliver true value for you and your users.

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Usability and UX Test

Collect invaluable feedback on the usability and likeability of your applications with the help of the Testbirds crowd.

Exploratory Bug Testing

Check the functionality of your app’s with the crowd and get feedback on usability with our unique all-in-one service.


Check the functionality of your app’s with the crowd and get feedback on usability with our unique all-in-one service.

Moderated User Sessions

Want unfiltered insights into users’ thoughts while testing your apps? Moderated User Sessions make this possible.


We provide you with the latest insights from the world of crowdtesting

Stop guessing if your product meets your users' expectations and start making decisions based on facts.


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Dialing up the customer journey for the digital age

Dialing up the customer journey for the digital age

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Smart Style

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Unleashing Quality Assurance with Crowdtesting in Agile and DevOps

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Stop guessing, start testing

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Real user insights that perfectly match your target group.

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Credit-based pricing: Full budget control with our own flexible currency – BirdCoins.

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